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    Warriors Unite

    <<<<<<<<<<<< im loking at you lonely internet sweethearts - lengy - ash - a get on msn fora rape party pl z guys :(
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    Nigerian Prince Scammers loal Funny website, has all the 419 scammers getting some of their own back... Check it out and loal away.
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    UK Scientist can divide by 0. Most redundant maths ever? I call yes. edit: Very sorry about not posting the link.
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    Philosophy in the classroom - The teaching of thinking

    For anyone that missed it, please go to this link: It was a great show, I'm a big fan.
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    Woman whom claims there's a baby language.

    I'll get an article up for this soon - But all I have to say is, I don't like her. She reminds me very much of scam artists such as that Irish guy that goes around calling himself a "baby detective". I predicted at the very beginning of the show that the sort of 'tests' that would be...
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    James Randi <3

    This is a video of a 'psychic' who claims he can move objects with his mind. James Randi puts him to the test. It loads fast so you can skip through the boring parts. It might be worth it though to watch what he does and...
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    Hey guys, just working on an Essay - Tell me what you think.

    Realities of Defining characteristic: Neocapitalist dialectic theory, capitalism and Baudrillardist simulacra 1. Burroughs and Lyotardist narrative If one examines the subtextual paradigm of context, one is faced with a choice: either accept constructivist pretextual theory or conclude that...
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    Most creative way to issue a summons.

    So this guy won't pay and when you finally get to him he denies that he is who you say he is, what's the most creative way you guys have heard of/can come up with to deliver a summons? :)
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    Who killed the Electric Car?

    Just saw the movie. Quite an eye opening movie about this topic, even while I know of the problems with electric based cars etc... edit: Here is GM's response to the movie. More useful links. General:
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    Proposal: No God in NCAP.

    I'm really getting rather sick of the constant debate reguarding God in the NCAP forums. While certainly I do think the existance of God is a pertanent question, I feel that when it comes to some issues (i.e. the 'muhammed cartoon controversy') the question of whether or not God exists ruins the...
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    An end to gun control - people vs the state

    I'm going to put forward an idea that I've looked into for the past few days, you guys have probably heard it before but i'll repeat it anyway: People need guns to protect them from the government to even up the balance of power, because might is right - if we have no power then we can't really...
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    Trusted Computing?

    This is a technology issue, however I think it has such far-reaching implications that it should be placed within NCAP. Please read, this is very scary stuff.
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    The Search for the Chimera

    The Search for the Chimera - Princeton. Real Player: Direct Streaming 300kbit/s Direct Streaming 34kbit/s Windows Media Player: Steaming 300kbit/s Steaming 24kbit/s The beginning is just some random clips from different things (8 or 9 minutes), but then the proper lecture begins. He has a...
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    not all atheists hate cute puppy dogs

    two things i cant stand are: (1) atheists who are really boring and outdated, who are puppy dog hatin` freaks who give atheism a bad name as well as embarising the rest of us and our dog (2) people who label ALL atheists as cruel and heartless puppy dog haters unfortunatly the many who...
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    So anyway I picked up a wacom today :o

    :o It takes a fair while to do but the results are worth it, here's my first attempt at a decent airbrushing so far :o
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    Legal Advice - Inheritance situation

    Recently my great grandmother has passed away... in her will it states that all her money is supposed to go half to her son, and have to her deceased son's children... Anyway, before her death she was worried so she took all her money out of the estate and gave it in trust to her living...
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    The TRUTH about the catholic church.

    THE TRUTH ABOUT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. John N. Maguire III THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is a low astral plane criminal conman organization. Run by possessors (men mostly). Wanting tostay in a higher astral plane, and wanting many people for energy. In the beginning possessors ("Ghosts" on earth...
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    Chiropractic medicine, Homeopathy, Spiritual healing?

    Do you believe in these 'sciences' ? My own opinion: While Chiropractic is of course perhaps more of a science than these other treatments (some studies have shown some good results from some methods of lower-back manipulation), I figured I'd include it here because in general the industry as...
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    Guys? What Degree should I do?

    What degree should I do? And what occupation do you think would be best?
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    BOS Wiki?

    Sorry if there's already a thread, I only just got that newsletter and wanted to comment on the BOS wiki that was talked about at the end: This sounds like a brilliant idea, everyone adding to it in a simply, easy-to-use format, should see huge content growth. Any news on when this begins?