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  1. revanchist

    Did people at your school take this exam seriously?

    Most of those doing 1 unit didn't take it seriously, well duh, they didn't WANT to have to do it. But there was a good culture amoung us 2 unit students in that most people actually wanted do do really well and have it count.
  2. revanchist


    H'okay, from the Roget's thesaurus, which I only just thought to look up, "Invigilator" is AN ACTUAL WORD! Hooray! It is similar in meaning to "keeper". Now my sister who sat the HSC 2 years ago told me "They're called EXAM SUPERVISORS, IDIOT, HOW HARD CAN THAT BE!?!?", so that's what you call...
  3. revanchist

    What does everyone think they got???

    You know you only had to do 2 religions for section II, and one for section III, right?
  4. revanchist

    General Exam thoughts

    Unfortunately, the most you can get is 30 marks (if you did 2u) or 15 (if you did 1u), so you've just lost up to 20. Your lost marks will only come from not having to do a question, I hope they're fair and take your marks from the 2 religions you got the most in (if you did 2 unit, or the one...
  5. revanchist

    Section IV - only ONE religion

    H'okay, that makes 2 of us, so the paper WASN'T a mistake. That's good :)
  6. revanchist

    General Exam thoughts

    2 unit exam: Religion wasn't as difficult as I'd anticipated. I practically finished with an hour to go, then spent half an hour looking over my work. The multiple choice had some fairly ambiguous questions, but wasn't TOO bad. I'd used up more space than was given for the 2 15 mark sets of...
  7. revanchist

    What does everyone think they got???

    Doing the 2U paper, I reckon I got at least 80, but am confident I'll have gotten more like, 90 (out of 100). The multiple choice was ambiguous++, but once again, should have done okay. Religion probably my best subject though.
  8. revanchist

    Section 3 analysis (20 markers)

    I went AWESOME :D I'd prepared 1 and 1/2 page typed summary like, a month ago and just studied that, hoping for a 20 marker on either that or tha Hajj, then they do both! I went with RaMBaM because I preffered the Islam 15 mark questions. Wrote about 4 or 5 pages (I can't remember) but was...
  9. revanchist

    Section 2 analysis (15 markers)

    Christianity (baptism and Enviro ethics) and Islam (Bioethincs and Sayyid Qutb), because I'd prepared a RIPPER for Judaism (Moses Maimonides) for section 3. I wasn't really used to writing in booklets like that, they don't give you anywhere NEAR enough space. :( I could have gone for at least...
  10. revanchist

    Section IV - only ONE religion

    WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT QUESTION!?!? I stared at it for like, a minute, and even UNDERLINED it to make sure I saw it right, Why did they only ask about ONE religion??? I finished early because I only had half the stuff to write about in that question. I'd prepared 2 because I'm pretty sure the...
  11. revanchist

    Religion and Peace Analysis

    I only managed to get 3 out because they only asked for ONE religion.
  12. revanchist


    Hey, what DO you call those assistants to the person overseeing your exam? ANYway, how do you know your "invigilator" didn't do anything because she had a better view of what was going on that you did?
  13. revanchist

    OMG! Did we get slipped a 4U paper?

    More like thank GOD we didn't get a 4U paper! Yes, the 3U paper was missing some of the easier questions that previous years' papers had, but no, it wasn't like a 4U paper. Imagine harder graphs, induction or circle geometry questions, integration and volumes with more rules to remember, or...
  14. revanchist

    was 3unit paper hardd

    It certainly wasn't an easy test for most people, myself included, but in the end your raw mark doesn't matter as much as how it compares to the rest of the state. I find the smarter kids prefer harder papers becaue they know heaps of people simply won't get the marks they will. An easy paper is...
  15. revanchist

    Judaism marriage essay

    Why can't your teacher mark it? Or one of your classmates. Our class sends all our notes via e-mail, so there is also an element of peer- review. There isn't long left, but see if you can organise some people from your class for this. It helps you, it helps them, and it helps you again by...
  16. revanchist

    Umat Results!

    S1 - 68 S2 - 57 S3 - 52 Overall: 59/100 Rank: 89. Very happy being close to the top 10%, I got freaked out when I read it thinking 89% of people beat me, but thankfully I got THAT wrong :)
  17. revanchist

    If you are in year 11, read this first.

    I agree with point 2. If you are extremely talented, it's likely you like maths anyway. Point 3: However, the way you allocate time to your subjects really depends on a lot of things. I did 14 units, 12 of which in 2008. I didn't spend 50% of my time on Maths, it only made up a third of my units...
  18. revanchist

    Powerplay - Related Texts

    Related text suggestions: "Black Like Me" - John Howard Griffin's autobiography "The Shawshank Redemption" - the director's name escapes me right now, but it's a popular movie and you'd have no trouble finding it. Otherwise, any text will do as long as your bs smells like roses. I did BLM and a...
  19. revanchist

    Was it ok if u disagreed with section 3's statement?

    I agreed with it, basically my stance was that a strong human spirit allows for things like learning and growth, for being able to travel alone, and being able to overcome hardships brought by the journey. Even if you didn't prepare for that particular point, it was a simple matter of saying...
  20. revanchist

    Question 4 (a) (ii)

    Short answer: yes. Long answer: you can assume they are tangents, because you need a perpendicular line form where the circle touches the sides to it's center to make working out the area easy. If it was not perpendicular I'm sure you couldn't have gotten the result asked. Tangents didn't...