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  1. Auzendriel

    Year 11 Rankings?

    I was wondering how you get ranked for year 11. Do you get ranked for every assessment? Or is it just the end of year exams?
  2. Auzendriel

    Year 11s, what do you do in your spares?

    I have several throughout the week, mostly use mine for doing homework. Was wondering what you guys did and how you guys organised/planned things out.
  3. Auzendriel

    Can you use blue-black ink in trials/HSC exams?

    I bought bottled blue black ink (Lamy blue black) for my fountain pen and I hate black ink unless if it's diluted slightly. Are you allowed to use ink that isn't fully black in trials and HSC exams?
  4. Auzendriel

    Handwriting - Is mine legible/acceptable for exams?

    I can read it perfectly without problems but I don't know if it's legible for others? Please give feedback.
  5. Auzendriel

    What rankings are required if I want a 97+ atar?

    What rankings at school would I need if I want an atar of 97 or above? I go to a school ranked in the 60s. My current year 11 subjects: -3u maths -3u eng -chemistry -physics -multimedia Edit: or, how many band 6s would I need?
  6. Auzendriel

    Brand new year 11 pearson chemistry skills and assessment book - $25

    I accidentally bought an extra one so I'm selling it for cheaper. You can pay shipping at your own expense or we can figure out a meetup at the CBD somewhere.
  7. Auzendriel

    smash bros ultimate

    anyone who play?
  8. Auzendriel

    Is there documentation/folio work in prelim design and tech?

    Hi guys, I'm tryna figure out if I want to do DT as a subject for year 11. I'm definitely dropping it for year 12 if I do it. I'd just like to know whether there's documentation or folio work in year 11.
  9. Auzendriel

    Should I do science extension in year 12?

    I'm currently in year 10. Here are the subjects I have picked -3u eng -3u maths -physics -chem -design tech -multimedia (industrial tech) I am planning to drop multimedia sometime in year 11 because it's it scales terribly and kinda overlaps with design tech. I want to do advanced science in...
  10. Auzendriel

    Thoughts on my subject selection for year 11

    Hey guys. I'm in year 10 and I've selected the following subjects for year 11: -3u maths -3u english -design and technology -industrial technology (multimedia) -physics -chemistry I'm aiming for approx a 97 ATAR so I can study Advanced Science in uni (95 ATAR requirement). Is it achievable...
  11. Auzendriel

    Is RoSA Compulsory if You're Doing HSC Anyway?

    I'm a year 10 student who's currently at a government school. I'm switching to a private school next term, and due to coronavirus, my parents want me to stay home and not take the risk of going to school for basically the rest of the term. So I'm wondering, do I need a RoSA to continue into year...
  12. Auzendriel

    8-12 Selective, Email, Phone Call or Post?

    I received my results back in September by post but since no one has left the school there are no places. If they inform me of an interview to attend, would that usually be through a phone call, an email or still a letter?
  13. Auzendriel

    What's the approximate amount of people that get into year 10 at a selective high school?

    It differs school to school so does anyone know an approximate amount? I'm currently in year 9 and on a waiting list. Just really stressed.