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  1. BackCountrySnow

    Stories 08

    I got tackled by a completely naked drunk guy. I've never seen him before in my life. It was dirty and I got dick all over my leg. :uhoh: I got dry raped by a fat chick at the beach party then she followed me home and I told her to fuck off but she wouldn't listen so I went back to the beach and...
  2. BackCountrySnow

    unique/uncommon jobs.

    Who here has one or knows someone with one? I make all the money I need through busking.
  3. BackCountrySnow

    Is alcohol more expensive up at surfers?

    I'm talking about grog at bottle-shops not clubs.
  4. BackCountrySnow

    Boy held captive by father for half his life

    why are they always Austrian?
  5. BackCountrySnow

    Docos on the inside of politics.

    I'm looking for documentaries on things such as the marketing of politicians, strategies and the inside behind policies. Are there any documentaries about this? something like 'Our brand crisis'...
  6. BackCountrySnow

    Can someone explain the difference in the rules between Baseball and F1 racing?

    what the title says. thanks :)
  7. BackCountrySnow

    ATTN: People not cool enough to be invited to Nolan's. ITT: we election watch.

    Let's start with this: what channel are you watching?
  8. BackCountrySnow

    The epitome of racing realism.

    Are there any racing games for ps2 that is more realistic than Gran Turismo 4? discuss ppls.
  9. BackCountrySnow

    It is 2am

    maybe I should get some sleep before the exam tomorrow.. i mean, today.
  10. BackCountrySnow


    post up your answers. =] i will in a sec
  11. BackCountrySnow

    Obama/McCain betting odds.

    Is there somewhere I can go to bet? And what are the odds? I need money for schoolies. =[
  12. BackCountrySnow

    Should taxes be used to fund theaters or museums?

    Should taxpayers be expected to prop up any theaters or museums that cannot survive on a commercial basis? Discuss.
  13. BackCountrySnow

    Political standings of Uni students.

    The media has always kind of portrayed the uni environment as being predominantly leftist. Is this the case? Because here on BOS it's like a Thatcher Appreciation society.
  14. BackCountrySnow

    Is it hard making friends at uni?

    Because there aren't any lunchtimes or recesses and stuff.... I'm scared :uhoh:.
  15. BackCountrySnow

    Joe the plumber

    source: The lucky bastard is hitting it huge.
  16. BackCountrySnow

    B economics electives

    If I do the B economics, will I be able to take Political economy electives? I just borrowed 'Economics as a social science: readings in political economy' from the library and it seems really interesting.
  17. BackCountrySnow

    Love problem.... :(

    Okay to start. Really really like this girl. She is on my mind everyday. Her parents are quite strict. I want to tell her i have these feelings for her, but am scared, as i want her to like me but i am not sure if she likes me. If i do tell her i like her, then it could ruin our really...
  18. BackCountrySnow

    If you get a UAI of 30.

    Would you still try to get into university, or would you come to the conclusion that you're not suited for uni?
  19. BackCountrySnow

    not sure is i got these right. plz halp.

    Q.6 a) Q.7 a)
  20. BackCountrySnow

    ITT: An overwhelming air of panic.

    OMGOMGOMG imm soooo nervooosssss :::OOOOOO guna fail sooo baad. i no nuffiinn...nNUNUUUUUFFFIINNN. k your turn.