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    Media in Legal Studies

    Do you guys use media for the crime section? Not sure on how to obtain relevant media articles/or if its used by heaps of students?
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    Can we eat during our exams

    I get hungry :bomb:
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    Indochina essays

    sup BOSers I did not pay attention during Indochina and am basically wondering what we would include in an essay if they were like: - explain the reasons for Communist victory? ?????????????????????????
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    Raw Marks

    Anyone know the rough raw marks for a band 6 for Legal Studies modern History Economics Mathematics 2 u
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    Atar Estimate please? possible to get 97?

    Advanced English 5/38 Extension 1 Englissh: 4/11 Legal Studies: 1/33 Modern History: 1/20 Economics: 2/19 Mathematics: 9/60 School rank is between 150-200.