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    general education coursese

    does anyone know any general eds that cover digital photography or photoshop techniques? thanks
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    I need an actuarial studies tutor

    Hi guys, I'm doing 2nd year actuarial next year, and looking for someone who's finished 2nd year to spend 3 hours/week to go through stuff with me from January -March next year. I''m under contract to work 50+ hours/week and really struggling to find time for study. PASS classes are always at...
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    anyone still want to get into med?

    Hi guys, when i was doing my resident training at Swan Hill hospital, I met 2 interns that couldnt get into med locally, so 1 did his degree at the OUM, and another did his at RCS Ireland. They were telling me you can pay your way into med at both of them because they virtually let nearly...
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    Actuarial Careers guide

    hi guys, anyone wanting to know more about entering the actuarial profession, I want to share some information. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting Also for those wanting to improve the speed of their basic maths, such as those asked at optiver interview questions, i would...
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    The life of an iBanker

    just came across this and thought its an interesting insight into what this guy says BBC World Service - Programmes - 27/03/2009 - Geraint Anderson For the ppl in here who's already working in banks, is it a similar situation here in Australia?
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    stressed out interns

    Just thought this is an interesting read. Hospitals buckle in 'tsunami' of interns When i did med 10 years ago, it was a totally different situation back then. If you couldnt land yourself a job in a metro hospital, you took for granted that there was one waiting for you in rural. i hope the...
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    3616 teaching standards

    Had first 3616 lecture today and seriously, about 20 people walked out of the lecture in the first 5 minutes. I'm from an asian background, and I'm fairly tolerant to dealing with ethnics. But if found the lecturer's accent totally incomprehensible. Kiwi's swap their "e" and "i" around but this...
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    UNSW Uni fees arent so high

    Does anyone know that girl on exchange from the US doing 3rd year finance/ first year maths1151? She told me yesterday commerce fees at her uni (?Rochester) is like US$45k/year for 4 years!?!?:spzz: I never even heard of Rochester. Imagine leaving uni with a US180k debt, (in this economic...
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    Unemployment after graduation

    i was wondering, does anyone know the unemployment rate of UNSW commerce graduates? Given theres over 2000 students in my first year commerce level, i wonder how many have trouble finding jobs? ok, theres some that go interstate/overseas, but is there anyone out there still jobless after a...