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  1. SpaceMonkey


    Me, I have the first 6 seasons on DVD.
  2. SpaceMonkey

    All Time Fav Reality Tv Show

    The Mole.... or Amazing Race.
  3. SpaceMonkey

    The Amazing Race 7

    How 'bout when she said she needed to lose weight to fit in a dress and that was her motivation for the white water rafting... what a whorebag.
  4. SpaceMonkey

    The Amazing Race 7

    Boston Rob needs to die.... and Amber needs to get wounded or something...
  5. SpaceMonkey

    Battlestar galactica

    Been following it since day 1, love it. Way better than the old series. Starbuck rocks!!!
  6. SpaceMonkey

    Pure Pwnage

    Yeah, I've been following this for a while now. Great show.
  7. SpaceMonkey

    Stargate Atlantis

    They used a naquada generator to attract the thing and sent the generator through the Stargate on a MALP but the MALP screwed up before it got to the event horizon so McKay put on the personal forcefield and... yeah
  8. SpaceMonkey

    Who's @ Campbelltown

    Me, B. IT.
  9. SpaceMonkey


    Yeah, it's a classic. I have the first 5 seasons on DVD. Too bad Blake and Trapper leave the show pretty early and Burns follows soon after.
  10. SpaceMonkey

    Stargate Atlantis

    Dude! I already beat you to making a thread. Anyway, it did not suck at all. The 'Wraith' are a very interesting enemy and the show feels much more like a sci-fi compared to SG1. You can't judge it right now, since they are still developing characters and plot etc. I have faith in this...
  11. SpaceMonkey

    Stargate Atlantis...

    is on tonight. Channel 7, 8:30PM. That is all.
  12. SpaceMonkey

    Battlestar Galactica (why nobody watch this show?)

    I'm sure there's a pretty large fan base in the US and a cult following in Australia, which is the case for most sci-fi series.
  13. SpaceMonkey

    Battlestar Gallactica

    Seperate incidents mate.
  14. SpaceMonkey

    Battlestar Galactica (why nobody watch this show?)

    Sci-fi is dead in Australia. I think there's some sort of stigma attached to watching sci-fi... You're not cool unless you're watching the OC. Anyway, Starbuck rocks. A strong female character like Samantha Carter from Stargate: SG-1, teenage girls need to take them on as role models and not...
  15. SpaceMonkey

    The OC, worst show ever?

    Yes... and everyone's jumping on the bandwagon.
  16. SpaceMonkey

    Battle Galactica ????

    I'm pissed!
  17. SpaceMonkey

    Unorganised!!! Stressed!!! Argh!!!!

    Do we really need our birth certificate and/or passport? 'cause I sent that away to the ATO.
  18. SpaceMonkey

    Academic advising session

    Umm... I've asked about/applied for my TFN a few days ago but what if the ATO doesn't reply before the AAS day? What should I do?
  19. SpaceMonkey

    Academic advising session

    I can't believe we have to go to Penrith, this is crap!