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  1. sirfeathers

    aargh!! myUNSW hasn't registered my offer!!

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhg the UAC website says I got an offer from UNSW, but when I go onto myUNSW to try and accept it it says no offers have been made to me!!! ... i'm gonna email them but still! has anyone else had this problem with myUNSW or is it just me???? not good for my...
  2. sirfeathers

    Hair streaks

    Hey, I just got my hair streaked crazily yesterday (pink and green semi-permanent, it's awesome!!), got it done professionally because I've never coloured my hair before and I wanted to see how it's done before attempting anything myself. Anyway, I just thought I'd start a hair-streaking thread...
  3. sirfeathers

    how would this situation be scaled?

    Hey everyone, I have a question about how an unusual situation in one of my subjects (4U maths) would be scaled. We were a class of 4. In the internal assessments, I came first with a raw average of about 90%. The person who came 2nd would've been about 70%, 3rd about 60% and 4th 40-50%. So in...
  4. sirfeathers

    Cycling? for dummies?

    Hey everyone, I'm in Year 12 atm, planning to go to UNSW next year, and I live kindof close-ish but too far to walk (Inner-East). Because I live so close to the cbd and my school, for the last few years my main mode of transport has been my feet. But I still don't have my Ls, and it'll take me...
  5. sirfeathers

    Cheating in HSC English

    Who knows people who cheat in HSC English? As in regurgitating essays/ portions of essays written by previous HSCers, getting unfair special prov allowments etc... I will be the first to put my hand up.
  6. sirfeathers

    New BA at UNSW?

    Hey everyone, I'm a Year 12 student thinking of doing a BA as part of a combined degree at UNSW next year. I've heard that they're restructuring the BA program for next year, but I can't find any info about it anywhere. Does anyone know more about this? And exactly what is going to be...