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    How were your assessments?

    How are your assessments going? Were they harder or easier than expected? Personally, I found basically all my subjects straight forward as term 1 is mostly consolidation of last year's work. Yes, I'm just procrastinating the night before my assessment with the most content to memorise :))
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    Digitalising Notes

    My school doesn't really use tech at all, so, 99% of the work we do in class is hand written. As a result, all of my notes I've taken in and out of class are handwritten, but the problem is that my hand writing isn't very neat. I've been considering creating a neater, digitalised version of my...
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    Studying throughout the term

    Apart from the standard reading texts ahead, making notes/summaries during the term time as you learn content, etc., what are some effective strategies to keep on top of things before crunchtime during exam periods?
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    I've finally caved. I need to start reading if I want to stand a chance in doing well in english. What suggestions do you guys have for books that aren't super long and have some action (no romantic like stuff)?
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    Taking English Ext 1 just for year 11

    I've been told that taking ext 1 just for year 11 can be beneficial for your english skills in general. If I do take ext 1, I plan to drop it for year 12. However, the issue is that I have 13 units right now, as my school requires me to take atleast 6 subjects in year 11. Currently, I'm taking...
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    Mr. Waldron's

    Has anyone used Mr. Waldon? Would you recommend them? I can't find anything on it except a post from 2005...