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    Lowest target ATAR to get into postgrad medicine?

    If you want to ultimately do postgraduate medicine what’s the lowest target ATAR to aim for? Is it basically around 92 so that you can get into a pre-Med degree like science or physio? Or can you get into post-grad medicine from any degree if you get good GAMSAT results? Thanks
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    Selective school kids- would you have got a lower ATAR at a non-selective school?

    for those who went to or go to a selective school - do you think your ATAR was/will be higher than it would have been if you had gone to a non-selective school? - I have a friend wondering what to do with her kids aged 9 and 10 both very intelligent who are academically at/near the top of...
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    Are most top ATAR scorers at private schools scholarship students, brought in to boost exam results?

    I’m wondering, as I have no knowledge about it, if most /nearly all of the top ATAR scores at elite private schools scored by students on academic scholarships or do non scholarship students ever get the top marks also? I presume private schools that offer academic scholarships do so to raise...
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    How fast can you answer this scholarship test question (intelligence?)

    Hi guys How fast can you answer the question below? it’s from a year 7 scholarship test for 11 year olds with a 40 second time allocation. It took me 20 minutes. I’ve showed it to multiple people I know and theres wide range of responses with a lawyer and a 10 y old girl getting it within 40s...
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    What percentage of people get each ATAR mark?

    Hi guys How do you calculate the statistical distribution of each ATAR mark? I've heard that only 1 in 1400 people get 99.95 - is that correct? so what % of people get 99.95, 99.94, 99.93, 99.5 etc? is there a formula I can use to calculate it? so what % of people get 99.00? thanks
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    How to get free sample or past Year 7 scholarship exams?

    Hi all does anyone know where i can get free sample or past Year 7 scholarship exams that are run by Academic Assessment Services? they don't have any on their website so trying to get an idea what these exams are like I've seen some online companies sell test papers but am looking for...
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    How can 50% of people get an ATAR over 70?

    I read an article in the Sydney morning herald which says nearly half of all NSW HSC students got an ATAR above 70 ( i thought that the atar was a percentile ranking which would mean that...
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    Plan to take it easy until uni, then work hard to become a Dr - is it flawed?

    is my thinking flawed or is it fundamentally correct, assuming you want to eventually do medicine? It seems to me that it takes an inordinate amount of studying and outside school coaching/tuition to get a high enough ATAR to get into undergrad medicine and the only real benefit of doing all...