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    How much math homework do you guys get? Most effective method of doing exercises by myself?

    I go to a top 10 selective school and barely get any math homework. Like, maybe half an exercise, usually even less every two days. I'm starting to get progressively more worried that I'll miss out on some concepts/question styles compared to the other classes (I do go to coaching though). Would...
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    Where/how to buy homework from tutoring centres?

    I'm hoping to self-study for chemistry over the term, but honestly I don't know what to do for exam-style questions. If anyone knows coaching colleges that let outsiders buy their resources, or anyone willing to sell their homework, please let me know!
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    Modern History or Japanese Continuers?

    So my subject selection is soon and I was wondering which one I should choose. I have already decided on my other subjects and they are non negotiable. I enjoy and do well in both history and Japanese. Should I base it on which one I do better in or like more, even if the difference is minimal...