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  1. Bored_of_HSC

    Year 12 Formal Video

    Hey, for our formal we were tasked to make a video. (and i know many other schools have this too). Just made this thread to see the structure of the vid/what other people are keeping in theirs. I was just thinking of having an array of clips of memorable moments (with a variety of groups...
  2. Bored_of_HSC

    Economics vs english game plan

    Are you guys mainly studying eco or english now? What're your patterns gonna be like? Me, i want to just study all out as much eco as possible now till friday (i'm doing quite a bit of english too). The weekend is basically all english (some eco here and there)
  3. Bored_of_HSC

    Methods for memorising essays

    What're yours? And what are the most effective ones for you? One i've heard: Friend just reads a line, remembers it and then goes onto the next one. Then he tries remembering both. Then the next line and so on.
  4. Bored_of_HSC

    Advice: Economics & Mathematics

    Hey all :) I'm currently interested in 2 degrees. 1. Economics/Science (Adv Maths) - UNSW 2. Economics (majors in economics and mathematics) - Usyd Career interests: I'm primarily interested in economics, and i'm CURRENTLY thinking of maths just supplementing that. (but who knows). Eco/sci...
  5. Bored_of_HSC

    Hard 3u/4u past papers

    Share your hard past papers. (Generally syd boys and grammar are the hardest) Will rep every contribution in this page (if rep comes back lol)
  6. Bored_of_HSC

    First day back

    Hope you guys a great day tomorrow. :) Good luck. (our last 'last day' :()
  7. Bored_of_HSC

    Alpha Omega Holiday Workshops 2012

    Just letting you guys know there'll be free workshops by Alpha Omega. Go ^ for deets. I've been there before and they are alright as crash courses. (inb4 no i don't work for them or anything)
  8. Bored_of_HSC

    Aims for the holidays

    Sup nerdlings. The upcoming holidays should be a mix of fun and study. But i think it would be most productive if we posted our aims of what we want to do. So just write a checklist: - English Advanced: Read/view all texts and start making notes/ideas/thesis's...
  9. Bored_of_HSC

    Ext 2 Maths Overated? Yay or Nay

    I know we've only gotten through like 1/3 of the course but do you guys find ext 2 overhyped? I mean, don't get me wrong, it can be quite challenging. But i find many other 3U topics harder in their nature. Anyways, this thread will probably come to bite me sometime later on this/next year. But...