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  1. emiliieee

    last dream you had was..

    so there prob is already a thread like this. but meh. soo.. yeh last dream you had was ..? mine was being a bridesmaid - weird coz i don't know who's getting married now gogogogogogogo
  2. emiliieee

    Misfits on e4

    anyone know it? anyone watch? if you like Skins, you might like this. Misfits - - misfits, e4,, storm, trailer, drama, comedy, new, superheroes, asbos,
  3. emiliieee

    krispy kremes

    what do you think of them?
  4. emiliieee

    guys with hairy legs - wax or not wax

    guys with hairy legs, to wax or not wax? and if you do, why? also. i dont see a problem with guys with hair on their legs at all but whatever floats your boat. just dont understand why they do it. edit: wax or shave whatever. lol
  5. emiliieee

    Have you ever won anything?

    have you ever won anything? besides 3 dollars from lotto scratchies loll i mean like i dunno lucky draws, won a car, won an ipod etc..
  6. emiliieee

    new threads, not made by me

    so someone made a new thread under my name. when im on at the same time. how is this even possible? seriously. edit: i didnt make the thread. i only posted replies onto one and somehow it got moved to a new thread :S
  7. emiliieee

    Favourite Forums to Post in on Bos

    lol. if you know so much about ns then you'd know i do post there.
  8. emiliieee

    funeral song

    just curious. does anyone have a funeral song, not that i want you guys to die soon or anything :S zoe's one is 'time of your life' by green day edit: she's still alive lol
  9. emiliieee

    w910i slide problem

    so my w910i doesnt slide at all, any ideas? cant slide up or down btw
  10. emiliieee

    Government jobs

    anyone ever applied for a govt. job and made it in? also if you did make it, where do you work?
  11. emiliieee

    dunno if this has been posted before but is anyone on
  12. emiliieee

    what are you allergic to ??

    what are u allergic to ?? it doesnt have to be food or drinks, it can be anything. well im allergic to; - cats - dogs - grass - SOME but MOST artificial red colours eg. cordial, lollies etc. etcc =] - && dust. thingys. lol && thats bout it i think. yuppp your turnnn =]