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    Nice places to go within 3km of UNSW and accessible by bus

    The Ritz cinemas in Randwick (catch the 370 or that metro bus (m30?) from upper campus bus stop). For arc members, $8 normal admission and $5 on mondays :D If you want a cheap feed then go IGA hot food section where they have sheesh kebabs, chicken wings and other stuff.
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    Asian Cup, why are all races in it??

    Troll has been well fed lel, ggwp
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    Athiests have the highest IQ

    If done right, similar testing conditions (same test for all) for your first point and the power of large sample sizes smoothing out the (small) errors of guessed/flukes for the latter one.
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    Textbook lists for Actuarial/ Eco at unsw ?

    don't get the maths textbook for math1151 lol, no one i know found it useful
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    FINS1613 vs MGMT1001

    People have said this before, but i'll say it again to stress it lol. FINS1613 with Rob Tumarkin in sem 1 is much easier (50% of people for D or HD) compared to sem 2 with DK Shim (where it was actually considered by many as one of their "hard" courses - the trend from about 4-5 friends i've...
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    need help with my FIRST resume!!!

    Good advice here. Another thing I found important is to always try cater the resume for the position you are applying to. For example if you are applying for an IT position, while it is great that you have volunteered, but if you've neglected to expose your IT skills/what you can do...
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    UNSW Rollcall 2015

    3rd year Actuarial Studies/Science
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    Ooft too many to decide :( Defs up there, and in no particular order, are: 1. Samurai X: Trust and betrayal 2. Basilisk 3. Neon Genesis Evangelion (just finished recently haha) 4. Full Metal Alchemist (Both series) 5. Baccano
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    UWS to UNSW Computer Science Transfer

    Take the UWS offer. You said yourself media arts "is more of a hobby". Not only that, but the courses are easier to get high marks at UWS (obviously a generalisation lol). If you took the media offer, only about 2 subs (/4) would count to your comp sci degree (as gen eds). This means you'd...
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    who is this? why have you come to me? pls go away :(

    who is this? why have you come to me? pls go away :(
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2014

    Like most uni camps, at night mostly everyone is basically drunk and during the day you're doing random group activities/ice-breakers/recovering from a hangover.
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    Maths1141 vs maths1131

    There is scaling, but is it enough to warrant difference in difficulty. That's the question lol.
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    HELP! I think I Enrolled wrong.

    Yeh this. i've also heard that eng/sci subs are MUCH harder than comm subs. So it's better do to engo subs earlier as you have more time to *understand* it and let it sink in better conceptually.
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    WAM boosters

    FINS1613 was a WAM booster in sem1 2013. Legit the assessments weren't that hard and they still added positive scaling. In our cohort, over half the students got D/HD. HOWEVER, i've heard this is quite variable. My friends doing it in sem 2 found it quite hard. So if you'r gonna do it, try it...
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2014

    When i saw i got into my course last year i went full retard and finished the whole process in like 3 minutes. Didn't realise i didn't defer my fees to HECS and had to pay 1st sem fees upfront LOL (iirc a bit over 4.6k). In an ironic twist it was better that way as i got a 10% discount. But my...
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    yeh i'll just see how stuff pans out haha. ohhh sweet, i can see you doing well in that sorta...

    yeh i'll just see how stuff pans out haha. ohhh sweet, i can see you doing well in that sorta stuff :) anyways bro, i gtg sleep now. nice catching up haha! i'll cya around the site! :L