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  1. dp624

    Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

    Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (2009) (V) My gosh this looks terrible enough to be seen. YouTube - Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus trailer direct to DVD though
  2. dp624

    Bored of Studies UNSW Rollcall 2009

    Well, seeing as how USyd has one, why can't UNSW? I'm going to UNSW this year, for Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (maybe with honours in Bachelor of Science (Med Sci) if i want) =D
  3. dp624

    Requesting Exams Scripts

    So, I'm about to send this away. I was just thinking of the most proper way to word the application. me121 send me a PM about how he said I assume then that this sentence would be sufficient for me? Would that be enough or should I write more? Also, I assume that I will say that the...
  4. dp624

    How hard is it to maintain a WAM of 80 in medicine?

    Hi, if everyone can help @ thread title it'd be awesome. I hear you need to maintain top 20? What kind of tests are there for assessments? Also, since it's a WAM that means you can sort of get <80 in a certain test and get over it in another right? If you could, say, refer specifically to UNSW...
  5. dp624

    Is the clock finally right?

    Wow, is it just me or is it correct now? lol about time =P
  6. dp624

    First in Course Ceremony

    Click on Bright Sparks -> middle of screen a bit down. Popup video, it's live
  7. dp624

    2008 State Rankings

    Post your 2008 State Rankings Here!
  8. dp624

    What YOU put into YOUR HSC

    So guys, what kind of effort did you put into your HSC? Do you have regrets? Personally I accelerated courses early (in my own time) to get a good early grasp. As a result, I ended up doing less work and was much more relaxed than most of my year 12 friends. What say you?
  9. dp624

    Aggregate Cut-Offs for UAIs

    Yes, I've seen the table A8, but they only give very rough indications on what aggregates are needed for some UAI. Does anyone know roughly what kind of aggregates are needed for each UAI in between 99.50 and 100? Because I don;'t think you can linearly scale it, it's obviously not linear. My...
  10. dp624

    10 Units

    Out of interest, has anyone who has done only 10 units ever achieved 100? I think someone told me it hasn't been done. I check the UAC reports (table A7) for 06 and 07 and nope, everyone who got 100 did 11+ units. So what say you?
  11. dp624

    Everyone ready?

    Too soon!!
  12. dp624

    All ready?

    Chem soon!
  13. dp624

    Thoughts/Predictions at Paper Two

    I do ITW (BNW/BR), King Lear, and TTT (frontline). I think, just me, that there'll be one non-essay (dno which, but prolly not A), modA will be specific, modB will be nice, and modC slightly annoying - judging from trends and what people have said... of course it's all conjecture What do you...