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  1. mrpet3rr

    Failed Accounting

    I got results back today . 45/100 ! What happens now? Do I have to repeat the subject ?
  2. mrpet3rr

    Uni Timetable

    My time table doesn't look like alot! Can someone confirm that i Have enrolled in my subjects correctly? fixed time table :
  3. mrpet3rr

    University offer

    I only got one offer from UAC. If I accept this offer, Do I enrol onto the UTS website thing?. If i enrol can i de enrol ( If i get a late round offer) , also how long do I have to enrol?
  4. mrpet3rr

    Hsc bonus points

    I got a UAI of 81.15 and i got 2 band 5's for Information Processes & Technology & Software Design and Development. I want to do Bachelor of business / Sc in Information Technology (UAI cut off 85), and the HSC bonus points i get should be 5, So that puts my UAI with bonus points as 86.15 I was...
  5. mrpet3rr

    Will I be marked down?

    Will I be marked down if everyone in my class has the same thesis and similar essay(near word for word)?
  6. mrpet3rr

    Another Uai prediction thread

    Advanced English 68% 6/10 2Unit Maths 61% 3/18 Software Design 71% 1/22 IPT 87% 1/19 I.T 80% 1/18 School rank 580ish thanks edit. 2umaths got scaled up lol