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    Cambridge strong induction

    Hi all, Need help with 'strong' induction, a few questions on this topic in cambridge but they don't provide examples so im not sure how it differs from normal induction (n=1, n=k, n=k+1). Any help is appreciated. Example below:
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    Impossible question on vector proof

    From cambridge ext 1 yr 12 8D 11) Suppose that OABC is a parallelogram. Let M be the midpoint of OA and let P be the point of intersection of MC and OB. Prove using vectors, that: OP = (1/3)*OB
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    Probability Ext 1 hard question

    Hi Mathematicians, I need help on question D, i think it's impossible to solve. Question asks: a 5 digit number is chosen at random. Find the probability: d) that the digits are distinct and in increasing order. Good luck!