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    Wifi at UWS Parra...

    they dont give a shit what you download as long as it not obvious (ie 10gb in a day). every week you get a 15gb allowence so just load the torrents when you are at home then pause it then just start it up when you get to uni. also dont get 64bit
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    Mid-year Break

    yes there is 1 week mid sem break...i think this is week 8 or 9 and also the 4 weeks mid year
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    64 bit wifi

    You have to have an active account of school of computing and maths (to create an account you gotta have at least 1 unit in SCM) then just login at this site and choose your download: ELMS, UWS School of Computing & Mathematics
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    64 bit wifi

    any 64 bit operating system is incompatiable with airUWS however if you have currently enrolled in any unit in the school of computing and maths....UWS will give you windows 7 32 bit for free.
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    travel to uni

    there is a newsagency at parra station you can buy tickets from there....its just before maxbrenner you cant miss it.
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    Driving Test: Reverse Parking

    just letting everyone know that last week I did my test at castle hill RTA and I only had to do a 3point turn and a curb side i dunno maybe they wont ask for it everytime anymore
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    Adding up the units (B Computing)

    you can just leave out one elective unit ...the electives are only to buld up your credit points so if you use a unit set the extra unit will count as your elective.
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    Travel to UWS

    just train it to parra station then bus it to the uni. bus from parra station to the uni evey 5 mins or so.
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    O Week

    uws's "o-week" is pretty bad compared to other unis lol..
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    concession card

    ok I was reading about concssion cards here: Travel Concessions | University of Western Sydney (UWS) and it says i gotta fill out this form: So my question is do I just fill this form out, and give it to them while they make my ID...
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    UWS parramatta orientation day

    because so many ppl do business and com they had to make it a long session. you may as well turn up at the start of the session and stay for as long as you need to.
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    I Didn't go to Academi Advisory Day

    dont wasnt compolsory..hardly any ppl showed up to mine... they didnt tell us anything that isnt already in the handbook..
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    ac advisory day

    is it realy important/nessesary for students and/or parents to go to? my parents want to go but i duno if they realy need to be there.. also what do they talk about cause im having troubles enroling..
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    living on campus at campbelltown

    depends if you wanna risk the dodginess of cambelltown... i watched a video bout cambelltown in geo last year.. not a good area..
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    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!
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    wait sorry not last years it was like a few years ago but i was talking to my bro earlier and he said he def got the result sms'd at 530.
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    last years results came out at about 530.....not long now!!!!!
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    How long did you really work on your SGP for?

    started typing it up on the saturday before it was due (was due on the tuesday) made up most of the stats. got 17/20 for it :D
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    Who else wishes there were less essays?

    i worked out that they can ask for a total of around 12-16 different essay questions over the 3 topics..besides eliminating 3 from last yrs hsc...its still alot to remember...i suck in essays. in trials i got 28/60 :(