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  1. hfis

    Northbridge Bar Convicted Over Law Students' Pub Crawl

    Northbridge Bar Convicted Over Law Students' Pub Crawl The article linked to the rules of the competition, but it appears that the Law Students' Society has since removed them. Luckily for you however, I know how to recover things that people would rather forget: I think that the student...
  2. hfis

    Taking a Year Off?

    Just thought I'd put this out there for some other people's perspectives. I've finished my coursework and am set to graduate in December and be admitted in February. I have a graduate position lined up that pays well and will give me all the benefits I want. However, I'm considering taking a...
  3. hfis

    Sodoku Playing Jurors End Drug Trial Between this and judges who fall asleep, the system's in good hands!
  4. hfis

    Property Law - Deemed Legal Estates

    Just a quick question regarding s 43A(1) of the RPA. This section provides protection against earlier unregistered interests by conferring a deemed legal estate at the time of completion. My question is, does this extend to legal unregistered interests as well as equitable ones? For example...
  5. hfis

    Working Overseas/Potential Further Study

    I tried solving this myself, but so far all my searches have been fruitless. It's probably a case of me not knowing exactly what to look for, which is where I hope this forum can help me. Including this year, I have two years left of my degree. After that, the plan was to get my GDLP and...
  6. hfis

    Hypothetical Administrative Law Question

    Hypothetically speaking, if you had an administrative law exam at 0900 tomorrow morning and were 'screwed' for it, and a magical genie appeared and granted your wish for 'a perfect summary of administrative law' that you could use in the exam, what would that perfect summary be? The genie in...
  7. hfis

    Law Week

    Seeing as this forum seems to have died over the last few days, I thought I'd bring it back to life in time for Law Week. As an aside, I never knew that it existed until just a few days ago. So what is 'law week', aside from an excuse for law students and practitioners to get incredibly drunk...
  8. hfis

    Academic Transcript; Wihdrawn Subjects

    Does anyone here know whether or not it is possible to have 'Withdrawn' subjects removed from your academic transcript? If so, how is it done? Last year I was automatically enrolled in CHEM102 for Spring session, and two weeks into Autumn session I decided it would be a bad idea, so I...
  9. hfis

    Swearing in of Crennan J

    Hiya, Although it's old news that Crennan J is the latest J to be added to the High Court bench, AustLII has only just got around to publishing the transcript of the swearing in ceremony. Just thought I'd share it in case any other law students were interested; Ceremonial - Crennan J -...
  10. hfis

    Tax Return

    Hi, I'm just completing my tax return at the moment, and I'm confused about the 'Self Education' bit. It says we are able to claim expenses for textbooks, but it places emphasis on the phrase 'work related'. As a checkout operator studying Law/Med Science, am I able to claim my textbooks? Any...
  11. hfis

    Dutch sex study

    Just saw this and thought that I'd share. I've bolded the interesting/useful bits: Socks! If they're not on, it's not on.
  12. hfis

    Transferring between degrees?

    Hi, I started doing a B Laws/B Medical Science this year under the reasoning that I want to practice law, and that the medical science program sounded interesting. Unfortunately, I've since discovered that the B Medical Science sucks incredible amounts of wang, and I am really starting to...
  13. hfis

    2004 English Ext 2 Notes from the marking centre

    About time! After a lengthy wait, they have at last been released online. They can be accessed here.
  14. hfis


    Dammit, it's not even Monday and I already have Monday-itis. I can't be bothered working, I want the O-Week "get free stuff and party" spirit to continue. *sigh*, woe is me.
  15. hfis

    O Week (again)

    Hiya, I've decided that I'm going to attend O Week (I know a few people that have decided not to for some reason or another), and according to the Orientation guide I have information sessions/other stuff on Thursday and Friday. Do I only attend these days? I'm assuming that there is...
  16. hfis

    Why the delay?

    If preferences closed last night, why does the UAC hold off the offers until the 19th? Surely it doesn't take that long to calculate who got into what.
  17. hfis

    Order of preferences

    Hiya, I just have a quick last-minute question before preferences close tomorrow night for consideration in the main round. Assume that my original set of preferences were thus: 1 - Course A 2 - Course B 3 - Course C and I changed them to something like this: 1 - Course X 2 -...
  18. hfis

    How do Law cutoffs work?

    From what I've seen, the UAI for a combined degree in Law at UoW seems to stay put at 91. As it seems a bit unlikely that the lowest ranked person in the course each year always gets a UAI of 91, does Wollongong use some other method to determine the course cutoff? And then, is it a true...
  19. hfis


    Hi, Now that I have my UAI, I've found that I should not have much trouble getting into University - I just need to decide what it is I want to do. That said, and area that has been appealing to me lately is that of nanotechnology. Does anyone have any experience with this course, or have...
  20. hfis


    Hi, I'm ranked about 34/40 in our school for Mathematics, and my overall assessment mark sits at about 30 or 40/100. I have considered maths my 'throwaway' 2 units (I'm doing 12), and so a lack of motivation is the cause behind my crappy marks. However, if i was to cram and lift my exam...