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  1. Ruki

    General Thoughts: French Beginners

    Yeah i was actually overall pretty happy with that exam... A few bits in the listening that i missed so i kinda just wrote what i *thought* i heard. Haha. But yeah good all in all :) So glad it's over!! No more HSC woo ^-^
  2. Ruki

    General Thoughts: Senior Science examination

    Re: Holy Shit Well I got that part, but i forgot what biomaterials are in pacemakers :(
  3. Ruki

    General Thoughts: Senior Science examination

    Re: Holy Shit Yeah i'm pretty happy with that exam! Only one question in disasters which i wasn't too happy about... The one with the investigation to do with wind direction and air pressure i think it was. But overall was an easy exam :)
  4. Ruki

    General Thoughts

    Rampager marry me
  5. Ruki

    What's everyone doing to celebrate?

    Getting a job and working until mid December. Then spending Christmas and new years in America :rolleyes: Can't wait :lol:
  6. Ruki

    anyone elses schoolies get cancelled?

    Yeah two out of six girls in my room dropped out =( Although that was a while ago, so we cancelled our room and now i'm going to byron instead =D
  7. Ruki

    Boy, 8, accidentally kills himself with Uzi

    HAHA! Probably thought he'd get banned :uhoh:
  8. Ruki

    Boy, 8, accidentally kills himself with Uzi

    Well yeah that's pretty much how it happened :P
  9. Ruki

    Boy, 8, accidentally kills himself with Uzi

    Yeah... Don't you think they'd get the point after countless massacres and killings? :/ Guess not!
  10. Ruki

    Boy, 8, accidentally kills himself with Uzi

    Best part of that article:
  11. Ruki

    Boy, 8, accidentally kills himself with Uzi

    It just seems beyond me how they can justify giving an EIGHT YEAR OLD a gun to fire at a range? I just don't get it... And yeah i do feel sorry for his family, but how could you do that to your child in the first place? :(
  12. Ruki

    Boy, 8, accidentally kills himself with Uzi

    An eight-year-old boy died after accidentally shooting himself in the head while firing an Uzi submachine-gun under adult supervision at a US gun fair.
  13. Ruki


    I was SO sad when Chris died :'( He was so awesome! Poor Jal too :( I love Skins <3
  14. Ruki

    Gwen *)@&@$^ Harwood

    Ugh I hate Harwood I don't wanna think about it >.<
  15. Ruki

    Did anyone else bludge through the entire of Year 11?

    Yeah prelims were definately a bludge! I bludged most of year 12, studied for trials and now studying for the HSC. I probably should have tried, my rankings arent bad but they could be better.
  16. Ruki

    Paper 1 gave me a paper-cut today.

    Hahah i used to look at all my split ends in my maths classes, and then chop them all off with my scissors... My math teacher used to get so mad "THIS IS NOT A HAIR SALON!!":angry:
  17. Ruki

    How Are You Studying For French ?

    This year the speaking exam for me was at Ravenswood in Gordon, which wasn't terribly out of the way... The examiner that i had a was a really nice guy, they make you feel pretty comfortable before you start so you're not so nervous. As long as you speak in french you can ask them to repeat the...
  18. Ruki

    Should English Be Compulsary Poll

    Re: Should English be Compulsory? I don't think it should be compulsory based on the simple fact that it's probably one of the worst subjects out there. Being compulsory, they should totally rethink the syllabus and make it worthwhile to learn -_-
  19. Ruki

    Uac Payment Help!!

    I believe... "If you do not pay the processing charge, your application will not be processed and you will not be made an offer. Keep a record of your receipt number when you apply."
  20. Ruki

    will the marks be better?

    Took me a few minutes to understand what you were asking... But my theory is that they make the trials harder so that it scares students into studying their asses off for the HSC :p