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  1. RedZenith

    What's the difference between marketing and advertising?

    Well with marketing you have to watch the stockmarket and make decisions based on where it's heading. With advertising you just need to get the message across as well as possible.
  2. RedZenith

    Angus & Robertson - Top 100 as voted by Australia

    That list is horribly distorted
  3. RedZenith


    You can't second something that someone else has already seconded.
  4. RedZenith

    Surgery to restore virginity. Would YOU do it too?

    I voted for all of them suckers.
  5. RedZenith

    What is your test result AVERAGE??

    91% I know this is NSW forum but who cares I'm hijacking it.
  6. RedZenith

    What is a GOOD mark?

    95+ Maths, 90+ English lol
  7. RedZenith

    which uni is 'best'?

    University of Wales?
  8. RedZenith

    Al-Qaeda wants your questions

    I would ask him, in world history, who defeated Hannibal at the Battle of Zama?
  9. RedZenith

    Top 10 Amazing Facts About Dreams

    Omg that thing where you think you've quenched your thirst but you haven't happened to me very recently! In the dream the glass of water seemed so real, but the thirst felt exactly the same as it did when I woke up.
  10. RedZenith

    Are you a maths or english person?

    Go logic! I don't know if I'm logically inclined, but I sure as hell can't stand the constant debates and philosophical arguments that get nobody anywhere.
  11. RedZenith

    what do u wanna be?

    I want to be one of those physicists who sits in a comfy chair all day in a room with dark wooden shelves and velvet chesterfield sofas, all the while fiddling with equations and occasionally discovering something new. Eventually get a nobel prize for unifying physics and walk around university...
  12. RedZenith

    School Reports

    Wow everyone else in this thread is so smart, congratulations to you all!
  13. RedZenith

    School Reports

    By 'Dux' do you mean rank 1 in your year group?
  14. RedZenith

    School Reports

    All A+'s except for my chem project (A) and chinese reading (A - dunno how i got this, contradictory cuz I still got dux of chinese). I'm pretty disappointed at the amount of work that went into the reports. They didn't even staple the pages together or anything.
  15. RedZenith

    Quick integration between curves

    (int x^2 dx) - (int (-6x+16)dx) = int (x^2 + 6x - 16) dx is the correct integral. Generally when you want to find the bounded area between two curves, you need to subtract the curve below from the curve on top. Therefore you need to find the intersections between the graphs and adjust your...
  16. RedZenith

    Mi Goreng

    Yeah godamnit, I have MSG.
  17. RedZenith


    I've played about 12 years, but I'm not doing music for VCE because I don't wanna spend all ma precious working time at the keyboard. In my spare time I try to learn all of Bach's preludes and fugues. So far I've learnt the first six.
  18. RedZenith

    Mi Goreng

    For christmas I want a room full of mi goreng :santa: (excuse to use this smiley)
  19. RedZenith

    hOw du i gEt riD oF sISta?

    I thought chelsea was zoe lol
  20. RedZenith

    hOw du i gEt riD oF sISta?

    I bet chelsea created the Zoe's Sister account