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    Economics Advice for Studying

    yes, the only mcq question for topic 4 i can think of is time lags. Much more likely to come up in essays but even if policies do come up in short-answers it'll probably be a fat 5-6 marker. However, lots of questions they can test for topic 3 in mcq like causes/effects of economic...
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    Economics Advice for Studying

    Topic 3 is like multiple choice + short-answer heavy while topic 4 is normally essay-heavy although policies can sometimes come up in short-answer. To make informed decisions about policies, of course you would first need to learn the economic issues (topic 3) properly. So I advise you study...
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    Accounting help

    liability refers to unearned revenue so +cash +liability (unearned revenue) perspective of tenant refers to prepayment so +assets (prepaid rent) -cash I think expense may refer to accrued expenses accrued expenses so + rent expense + rent payable although not too sure. Someone with more...
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    What's the best way to self-mark extended response questions?

    Impression marking is a thing for HSC since markers are probably paid for x amount of papers marked (cannot confirm) but something along those lines. For economics in particular, its probably good to read some economic/business-related news articles (as modern as possible), I recommend Ross...
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    How is price determined in market with pure competition?

    In pure competition (or a perfectly competitive market), the market is saturated with consumers and suppliers.This means that the selling price in the market is purely determined by the intersection between demand and supply (the price at which the quantity of the good/service consumers want to...
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    What subject to drop?

    Keep what you think you'll enjoy more. While VA scaling is pretty bad, it doesn't really matter if you do well. That being said, it might be better if you try to do well in maths (since you haven't considered dropping) rather than relying on VA (poor scaling even after band 6) or chemistry (much...
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    Suggested Answers on Marking Guidelines: Economics

    Most of the suggested answers are what you would call a fingertip band 6, so just reaching what is required to reach the top band of marks. They are generally short but concise so unless you are able to completely understand the nuances of the question, it would be better to write more in-depth...
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    economics question

    The diagram represents a production possibility frontier for apples and oranges. It shows the varying amounts of oranges and apples that can be produced depending if the economy is using all their resources efficiently or not. Any point on the production possibility curve (the straight line in...
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    Possibility of 92+ without notes

    I personally used other peoples notes for Economics + only doing past HSC questions and received a 92 external mark (91 overall) in 2020, so it seems very possible considering how you already received a 96 in Business Studies. While Business and Eco may seem to have similar levels of content (4...
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    history extension essay helpppp

    Whilst first person is probably not the best idea, unlike in Modern/Ancient History, you want include your own voice which demonstrates your own opinion on historiography. For example if the question was on the purposes of history. I would argue that Bede uses history to spread Christianity...
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    HSC Modern History Predictions / Thoughts

    Whilst I mentioned propaganda, I don't think it was important in the initial consolidation of power but rather in maintaining control (later part of the syllabus) so you were not meant to talk about terror, repression, censorship, propaganda etc.. However, The Reich Chamber of Culture/Ministry...
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    HSC Advanced Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    o looks like i got the decagon wrong
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    HSC Modern History Predictions / Thoughts

    Ye the exam went really well, basically had the same questions for USA and Cold War for trials + they were predictable since Great Depression and Detente weren't tested last year. Power and Authority core was easier than last years as well imo.
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    Access to 2020 Advanced Maths Paper

    For question 28a) I did 1- (1-0.815)^2 = 0.965775 Also got e for 29b) For question 21b) I did 70 x -0.4 x ln1.5 x 1.5^(0.4 x 4) = -5.93 Can anyone confirm these answers?
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    HSC Advanced Mathematics Predictions / Thoughts

    Booklet 2 threw me off quite a bit. Was not expecting the 5 mark cricket regression question (tragic). Somehow ended up getting (a+1)^4 as one of the integrals for 4 mark area between two curves question and I just stopped their. Second last question, I was a bit clueless, found the derivatives...
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    HSC Modern History Predictions / Thoughts

    Strange system where our school offered preliminary business studies and IPT in year 9 and HSC in Year 10. Ngl most people didn't know we were doing HSC in Year 10 when we picked it up.
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    HSC Modern History Predictions / Thoughts

    I'm betting on Great Depression for USA, surely because of our current context but also by the fact that none of the Great Depression were tested last year. For Cold War, I'm betting on detente but really it could be anything from containment to Afghanistan to disarmament agreements.
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    HSC Economics Predictions/Thoughts

    Ah yes, the scenarios where economic growth does not lead to economic development are usually negative so that's probably why I forgot xD
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    HSC Economics Predictions/Thoughts

    Overall, It was a fair exam. Multiple Choice took a bit longer than usual, there was a tricky exchange rate question which was apparently an appreciation although it looked like a depreciation. Short answers had a few unexpected questions, negatives of eco growth on eco development kinda had me...
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    essay feedback economics

    Nah. I'm just a year 12 student, although we had a similar question on external stability in Term 2. I reckon around a 15 since you cover your paragraphs in good detail and stats. There are 2 structural factors (narrow export base and savings-investment gap) and 1 cyclical factor (exchange...