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    Generic Questions are Generic

    Well, it was for Romanticism... Anyway, I think we should start a sort of poll thingy.
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    Any hope at all...

    Now, I badly fucked up Engineering studies.. I think I did OK in advanced english and I think I will do good in both maths and physics (duno about ext english).. JUST because I did bad in engineering (like anywere from 50 - 60%) is my DREAM of 91 gone? Thank you for replies.
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    Essay Marking

    Hey Extensioners, I know this will probably end in vain, but can anyone (doing ext1 2 or whatever OR already finished the course).. rather.. does anyone WANT to read my essay and narrative and help me out a bit. The reason I'm asking is this is the only subject that I am terribly afraid of as I...
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    For a friend

    Subject/trial mark/ranking (tests are CSSA) Mathematics Ext1 - 93% - 2/3 2unit - 81% - 2/18 English Ext1 - 70% - 4/4 English Adv - 80% - =10/32 Physics - 75% - 2/9 Engineering Studies - 42.5% - 2/5
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    Physics marathon 2011

    This is a thread for all you physicists out there who wish to cram before the externals or to just test their knowledge of the universe (at a highschool level that is ^.^) There are only 3 rules of Physics club: - The thread will not progress question wise unless the previous question has...
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    Am I the only one that has literally turned nocturnal (rather, awake basically 20 hours)? It is so much better to study at night, brain is more active, it's supremely quiet and you can finally use industrialized light, not natural light. I'm certain it's the best time to study :D
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    Past Trials

    Anyone know where I can get past Engineering trials? thanks bro's
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    ATAR Estimate

    Well I've done this before but it turns out my school is horrendous with ranks.. so here goes: Mathematics 2u: 1/10 Mathematics Ext1: 1/3 English Adv: =10/32 (Average marks total 89% for the year, strong cohort) English Ext1: 4/4 (Average marks total 77% for the year, strong cohort) Physics...
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    Band 6

    What is approximate raw mark, going off previous years, you need for a band E4 in this subject?
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    Ruse answers

    Anyone have Ruse answers to 1994 trial? kthxbai
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    Highlighting & Remembering Notes

    First of all, I don't entirely see the help in highlighters; you highlight words midway through a sentence, or a sentence midway through a paragraph.... ok.... but you can't just highlight something without any context. I don't really know, I need help now before I place the foot (well, pen)...
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    ATAR Estimate :3

    Ok guys, last ATAR Estimate ever: So is it ok if we try something a little different? :3 I will tell you my subs, and how many people are in the subjects and you tell me what ranks I should get for each to achieve an ATAR of 91 :D Engineering Studies: ?/5 English Advanced: ?/45 English...
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    Can we get a thread going (cause I haven't seen one) that alerts everyone to the consequences/benefits of plagiarising? I think it would be best to answer questions like: - How easy is it to get away with it? - How aware are the markers of online resources? - What classifies as...
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    How often do the resources section get updated? It's been saying "we are currently in the process...."
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    HSC: Study Timetables

    Swup BOS broski's Does anyone want to post there killer timetables for studying for the next couple months? How much are you spending on each subject? are you doing every subject everyday?
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    Essay Reproduction

    Is it a good idea to simply remember an Essay for English Extension, and/or, English Advanced? It is possible as I have done it, I just didn't give it enough time. I know most of you will say "herp derp you need to shape it to the question"... yes yes I know I know, but it is possible to shape a...
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    How Fuarkin' Annoying

    At the beginning of year 11, I was getting around 30% in tests for Ext1 mathematics, pretty much cause I couldn't give a da-yum, and it remained that way till the end of year 11. I started to think, you know mabye I should start trying? and so I asked the teacher to let me do Ext2 mathematics...
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    Catholic Trials

    Does anyone have the paper back that they could upload? that would be fantastic. NO I am no cheating, we have done our trials, and I got 64% :((((((((((((((((((( I just want it to give it a go and show my new tutor! :D thanks bros. 2 unit would be nice as well.
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    Black Body Radiation

    Can someone PLEASE help me with Black Body Radiation. It has been bugging me since day one. I mean I get the idea, somewhat, and the good ol'e Jacaranda furnace analogy, but I just don't understand the GRAPH of classical vs quantum physics, why does it bend down at the end? Is it because when...
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    Scaling: what is it all about?

    Can anyone please enlighten me about the process of scaling, and I mean from the very very basics; for example, what happens to my raw assessment mark? what has rank got to do with it? what bout school rank? But most importantly, what happens to my HSC raw mark? I have heard from...