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  1. obliviousninja

    UNSW 17/S2 Official Results Thread

    Henlo its me again. 2soon? :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey...
  2. obliviousninja

    S1/17 WAM Predictions

    Acct3563: 78 tabl2751: 82
  3. obliviousninja

    HSC 2016 Official Results Thread

    Post your ATARs / marks below. 2soon? :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey...
  4. obliviousninja

    UNSW 16/S2 Official Results Thread

    2soon? :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey::monkey: :monkey::monkey: :monkey: :monkey...
  5. obliviousninja

    Official 2016 Melbourne Cup Thread

    Harro, Who did you all place your bets on? Hartnell for me :jump:
  6. obliviousninja

    Sydney Raves Thread

    Hi All, Thread to do with anything rave related Music / Muzzing / Hakking / Pingas / Wind Runners / Airmaxes / LGs :headbang:
  7. obliviousninja

    Mods please read

    Post some dank memes u fucbois to cover up the gore. Not some shitty images.
  8. obliviousninja

    Major Issue 2.0

    So pretty much earlier this week I asked a friend if she wanted lunch on Sunday. So like i just realised it coincides with valentines day. So like...what now?!?!?!
  9. obliviousninja

    Best Big4 to work at came across this on linkedin just moments ago
  10. obliviousninja

    ACCT2542 Summer School Thread

    Aight boys. Anyone else?
  11. obliviousninja

    Kickz Thread

    Thread to discuss shoes for any sneakerheads out there
  12. obliviousninja

    Removal of pass conceded

    Pre much if u get less than 50 in finals, its insta fail regardless. Change coming sem1/16 Source: UNSW email
  13. obliviousninja

    UNSW shooting threat

  14. obliviousninja

    Official HSC English Paper 1 Results Thread

    State rank 4 dayz. ez
  15. obliviousninja

    Don't fuk up

    Some kiddo last year missed his exam coz he read his exam timetable wrong.
  16. obliviousninja

    Whats the market like after uni

    In terms of chicks.