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    can u do UNI and Tafe

    ok thanx heeps. !!
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    can u do UNI and Tafe

    Are you aloud to do both? I want to do Commerce at UNi by correspondence but i think i have an administration traineeship meaning i will do 12 months of tafe? im so confused of what to do and what im allowed to
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    i only need 70 but will my marks affect this....

    My End of Year Results are: Studies of religion 1 - 26/50 Rank 150/172 Eng (Adv) 70/100 Rank 130/142 Business Studies 48/100 Rank 32/43 Economics 55/100 Rank 11/13 Society and Culture 69/100 Rank 43/83 Community and Family Studies 56/100 Rank 33/65 I have been sick which has made...
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    Does anyone elso learn CAFs ACRONYMS .... read on

    we learn acronyms and i cannot rembember the one for GROUPS IN CONTEXT- Needs for each GRoup *Education, Employment etc etc Does anyone no this
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    Premium SAM- i cant use all the benfits outline on this site.... i can only get the aligned marks, where are all the statistics (ETC) why dont i have access to that
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    Im a Prem Member but SAM wont work

    all that comes up is a page telling me WHAT i can do but thats it. i can do anything to use it??? what am i doing wrong.... i only subscribed for this and it wont even let me use standard SAM.... help
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    If there is Global. Case Study Essay Q- Which Country would you do?

    i agree, do not do any in the textbook, and the predictable ones like china. i did India for my assessment which is good- due to the telemarketers etc etc- but go to resources theres an awesome one for switzerland. Id highly reccomend that:bomb:
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    I got 0 for economics...

    Get them to finger print it LOLOLOL. thats what i'd do i hate it when teachers dont listen to u. this kid (who is 2nd) cheated in nearly all his exams by putting the notes in his shoes and having a clear front folder next to him and they sed they HAD NO PROOF. so yeh its so unfair when they get away
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    how many business case studies are you suppose to have?

    True, However i have spoken to HSC markers and have recoomended more than one, as it will certianly satisfied the marking criteria, but do whatever you feel comfortable as some may not be able to remember 2... Chow:) :) :) :) :)
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    2003 HSC Q28- E.R help!

    2003 HSC Q28 Describe the nature and sources of change in business, and evaluate their impact on employment relations i have described the nature and sources of change but how do i relate it to ER and what dot points? im confused!!!! :bomb: :confused:
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    how many business case studies are you suppose to have?

    if you look at some of the HSC questions they may say ... IN RELATION TO CASE STUDIES meaning more than one! you need at least 2-3 but you dont have to relate to each case study for every dot point just on the most effective parts therefore you will have a well set out report which doesnt bore a...
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    POP speech- dot points HELP DONT UNDERSTAND LAST......

    :( can anyone help me with my pop culture speech. I dont seem to make sense of the dot points in CONTROL OF POP CULTURE and STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT (after future) is there anyone that can help make sense of this!!!!! thanks alot. anything will help my topic is napoleon dynamite
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    POP culture- how to set out with dot points! HELP!

    Hey im doing napoleon dynomite as my pop culture i dont understand how to set it out. does anyone have a draft or copy of a pop culuture speech or some guidelines! im really confused :S:S:S:S thanks!
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    Billabong Case Study

    you obviously misunderstood me... i DID do ALL 5 topics, however i seem to have misplaced MARKETING. and for some reason its not on my chip and my laptop is in for an upgrade and will not be ready for two weeks (worst possible time) i just wanted to know if anyone had some useful info in...
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    Billabong Case Study

    hey, i was just wondering if anyone had a summary of Billabong- Marketing section according to the HSC dot points. i have done the while thing but cannot seem to find this topic. hmmm the link above gives me a basic one and its not all the dot points thankyou
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    HSC 2005 Q27 ext response/ drivers of globalisation

    Hey i am doing this extended response for revision and i just wanted to know if anyone else has done this? I would like to see some or all of others to ensure i did it correct. i used BILLABONG as my main global business but that is not essential for you. thanks heeps guys “Over the past two...