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    concession card

    ok I was reading about concssion cards here: Travel Concessions | University of Western Sydney (UWS) and it says i gotta fill out this form: So my question is do I just fill this form out, and give it to them while they make my ID...
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    ac advisory day

    is it realy important/nessesary for students and/or parents to go to? my parents want to go but i duno if they realy need to be there.. also what do they talk about cause im having troubles enroling..
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    i havent even looked at anything religion related since the night before the trials. my assesment mark was about 18/50...should i even bother trying to study for this exam on friday seeing as my assesment mark is soo low? id rather spend the studying on sen sicence and geo next week...
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    Do we need to know them? cause i keep looking for them in my textbook and cant find...wahts do they look like? does it have something to do with normalising etc? also what do ERDs look like??
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    I read the textbook but it was too kept confusing me. so how do you normalise a database?? cause no matter how many examples i try... either my tables are wrong or im connecting the wrong things. also how do you identify and label primary keys/foreign keys etc. any help...
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    Definitions for IPT

    OK so normally in each question in section 2/3...they ask for defintions and examples of these in (a) and (b). can anyone suggest what definitions and examples to memorise/study? topics are: info systems/database communication systems Multimedia Decision Support System
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    Question 28

    this section sucked...i cant say im confident for that many of my answers...what were your thoughts? this is what i got for a (i) zscore 1? (ii) then "how many ppl were taller"...99.85%? also what was with that BMI question...was the min weight 56 kg?? sooo confusing!! and the simpsons...
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    Units of measurment

    so what kind of things do we need to convert if they ask for volume in litres or watever? because in my trials they ask the volume of something then u had to change it to litres...what are the conversions we need to know?
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    Ok i suck at probability and i relay need to work some thigs out beofr tomrow. first, how do i use the npr/ncr button on the calc to work out combs/ confused at when to use that method and how to do it. also can some1 check these answers for me: (a) On a bridge, the toll of 2.50 is...
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    Q25b 07 hsc

    ok so can anyone explain this one to me? do we use the sine rule to find the angle of elevation? cause i did this: 18/sin15 = 20/sin x .... were x is the angle we gotta find. it gave me an answer of 16 degrees....but apparently the answer is 56. what am i doing wrong?? am i looking at the...
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    Graphics calculator questions

    Ok so in my trial exam i got 75%...but i reeeaaaly suck on things like intrepreting distribution fequency tables an shit. eg. frequency distribution table with 3 colums: (x)...(fx)...and (cf). is there a way to just type the whole table into my graphics calculator because i need to find the...
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    What to do first??

    Hey i figured more ppl would be here this morning rather than the eng section so... What section of the eng paper should i do first?? should i do the essay first? cause last time in the trials i spent like 50 mins on the 1st section and 45 on my creative...and i really paniced for the last sect...
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    Study for SOR/Exam times

    hey im wondering if i should bother studying for my SOR exam...its only worth 1 unit and i already failed it horribly for my assesment...when i passed all other subjects. should i focus on my other exams like senior science (on the monday after sor) and just do 1 night of study for religion...