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  1. Alistruggles

    If you're considering this course, here's an example of what you should not do (From an Extension 2 dropout)

    Now note that I am significantly more daft than the average person, so a lot of this might come off as common sense, but in case this might help anyone, here are my mistakes in my time during this course: - I have always been a very disorganised person who procrastinates until the night...
  2. Alistruggles

    Does the HSC tend to be much harder than trials?

    I did ok in trials and I'm studying a whole day more for the HSC but I feel like I just fluked trials and hsc will be way way harder :( Edit: my dumb ass forgot to mention this is for maths ext 1 lol, and for trials I did the CSSA paper
  3. Alistruggles

    Will my overall school rank be "average" or above average with these results? Fluked my 3rd assessment super hard

    3rd column is ranks. And got a really low percentage,...I'm just aiming for average or above since 50% of my cohort tends to get a band 6. I think they average percentages and not ranks so with my super low mark for Task 3, do you guys think it's still possible to place average overall?
  4. Alistruggles

    Do only 5% of people get 95 atar and above?

    Not sure how the atar and percentages work, thanks for any input!
  5. Alistruggles

    Doing 4u English and 4u Maths (+ Economics)

    So I’m in Year 11 and my most likely choice of subjects for Year 12 are as the title indicates. I’d like to get an idea of how good/bad undertaking both 4u english and 4u maths would be. Most people have been responding to me with “oh you must be so smart!” but I am not doing amazing in either...