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    atar estimate based on ranks

    Hi, can I please get an atar estimate based on my subject ranks after trials, and school rank school rank - around 270 english adv. - 3/13 maths adv. - 37/46 legal studies - 3/12 ancient history - 9/35 ext. history - 1/5 visual arts - 1/22 thank you!
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    need some motivation/reassurance...

    How will these internal rankings affect my atar? (Aiming for 90+) Eng adv. - 4/13 Maths adv. - 36/50 hahah...aiming to pull this up during trials but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Legal - 4/19 Ancient hist. - 8/32 Visual Arts - 2/25 Hist. Ext. - 1/9 My school is ranked around 250
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    Little inquiry...

    I'm in a very similar sitaution!!! 83% and 52% on my recent 2u maths exams (i was devastated about the latter). I think the only thing we can really do now is put our heads down and work hard to up our ranks, theres no point being upset about :p and yeah, it is apparently only the rank that...
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    having a mental breakdown..

    thanks! i'll regret it if i just sit around being sad about my mark so i might as well just push on!
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    having a mental breakdown..

    thanks! i've been trying to think for the best, the only thing i can really do now is keep pushing on. it's nice to know others have been in similar situations.
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    having a mental breakdown..

    I got 52% on my recent maths adv. exam weighing 30%... I can't estimate my ranking but i'm guessing i'm towards the bottom of my cohort (i got 83% in the previous exam). I'm so nervous and angry at myself. This just drives me to work harder to pull up my rank but I'm not sure if I can do it...
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    Doing 11 units, someone explain how my atar will be calculated?

    I'm doing the following subjects - Adv. Eng Adv. Maths Legal Studies Ancient History Visual Arts Ext. History I'm going to assume my English, Legal Studies, Ancient and VA marks will count towards my atar. Lets say Maths is my worse, will it halved than combined with my Ext. History...
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    Did I mess up my atar?

    So i had my legal studies exam recently and i think i might've screwed up but i really can't tell. I did study considerably, but i know not as much as i could've. it weights 25% and i'm expecting a 65-75%. On the previous legal assessment (15% weighting) i got 90%. How much impact will this...
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    I messed up bad

    yeah, i'm so disappointed. i expected the mark i got, but you still hope you did well, yknow? well, not much we can do from here but work hard :P
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    I messed up bad

    I'm in the same position! 70% for my adv. english assessment on a task weighted 25%. I don't really see the point of going to the extremes of moving schools. I'm coming top 3 for nearly all my classes too, so considering you're coming top 3 for all, i think you'll be fine. I think the only thing...
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    LCMDTS that demonstrate positive use of police powers?

    Hi guys! Does anyone have any legislation, cases, media articles, documents, treaties or statistics that demonstrate the positive use of police powers? Thanks! :cool:
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    Help with quadratic functions - sum and roots questions!

    well i'm pretty awful at this topic, so help pleaasse! 1. In the quadratic equation x^2 + mx + 2 = , the roots are consecutive. Find the values of m. 2. In the quadratic equation -3x^2 - (k+1)x + 5=0, the roots are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign. Find the value of k.