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  1. Serius

    Good anime [pref in english]

    Ok so ive never really watched anime, but a friend about a year ago gave me a few that he has, but i have seen hardly anything, pretty much this: dragonball z fullmetal alchemist Avatar and death note I have trigun but havent seen it yet same for paranoia agent Thats pretty much it...
  2. Serius

    Political leaders; who will triumph and what do they stand for?

    So i find myself with a problem. Whilst i know the names of most of the big players, i dont know much about their policies rather than a few broad generalisations. A recent thread about Tony Abbot and how he might take over from KRudd highlighted this. If anyone is interested, could you...
  3. Serius

    Hottest people in music 09 [no pop, real music only]

    List some hot people in bands or any type of music you like. Imo Charlotte Cooper from the subways is pretty hot and makes some pretty good music, talented artist etc. Who else is there?
  4. Serius

    What are your beleifs regarding personal identity

    I wasnt sure where to put this, but i thought this would be a good spot because its an interesting philosophical debate firstly, and it also can branch out into other areas such as repercussions of euthanasia,organ transplants/ prosthetics, cloning, teleportation, all that cool stuff. Play...
  5. Serius

    Youtube gets flooded with porn in a mass, co-ordinated attack

    source: BBC NEWS | UK | Pornographic videos flood YouTube Theres a video here too that explains what happened.
  6. Serius

    Australia tries to stem fallout from attacks on Indian students

    This is just becoming ridiculous. Why do the media always have to fuck everything up? 2 attacks with racial words thrown around whilst the media have been making a big beat up about it isnt a racial problem. Also, wtf is this shit about Cronulla? This Janaki Kremmer is a complete hack. Talk...
  7. Serius

    The pirate party wins seat in europe

    source: European elections 2009: far-Right and fringe parties make gains across Europe amid low turnout - Telegraph good on them, lots of other interesting parties got big votes too, i wonder how this will affect the pirate bay court appeal. heres some more...
  8. Serius

    Should we reduce the legal age for pornography to 16?

    Thought i will try this and see where it went. Disclaimer: This is an intellectual exercise only, its purpose is to determine the logical, moral and ethical grounds for laws regarding pornography. This is a debate, please keep an open mind and be willing to intellectually explore all aspects...
  9. Serius

    NSW police drag man from car, bash him

    Thoughts? as much as I hate drunk driving and think the guy deserved it, police are not above the law and this is wrong. They held this guy down while he was handcuffed and punched and kicked him. It isnt their job to dispense justice, all they had to do was cuff him and take him to the station.
  10. Serius

    Family cat is dead, i hate cats, everyone hates me now

    Ok that’s not exactly true, nobody hates me exactly and I don’t really hate cats, but here’s what happened. I am allergic to cats, if someone asks I just say I hate them but it’s more complicated then that, I don’t touch them or get close to them because they make me have an asthma attack and...
  11. Serius

    ITT: we motivate each other to exercise and keep at it!

    Ive been meaning to increase my fitness level for a while because i live quite a sedentary life and i want to be fit and strong like i was a few years ago. A psych course i am taking now gives me the reason because part of it is designing and sticking with a fitness program. I started my...
  12. Serius

    professor gives all students A+, loses job

    source: Professor makes his mark, but it costs him his job What does everybody think about this? i have had a few lecturers in the past who disagreed with the current academic climate, some even going so far as to blatantly giving answers to the test in lectures but giving...
  13. Serius

    speakers:logitech z-2300 vs x-540

    so if you had the choice between the two sets of speakers which would you choose? Logitech x-540 [basically the x-530 everyone knows with a few small improvements] Hardware o Drivers: Satellites: (2) 2" drivers per satellite Subwoofer: 5.25" ported...
  14. Serius

    Dealing with death

    So my friends brother just died. I didn't know the guy at all, hes been out of home since before i met my friend so i am not really bothered by his death but obviously my friend is. Whats the best way to deal with him? should i just rock up and be like hey! wanna talk? should i go to the...
  15. Serius

    friendships surviving living together/ friends vs strangers debate

    So right now i am in the process of a messy house-breakup. Rather than one person move out we have all decided to leave because of problems we have with each other. One guy i am fine with but he was more of an acquaintance than anything. The girl i have problems with. We used to be really...
  16. Serius


    Do you think theres a point in apologizing when you were in the wrong or you hurt someone, even though you know it wont make a difference because what you did was so bad that they are totally done with you? is there some sort of benefit out of doing it like "well i still hate him, but at...
  17. Serius

    Buying latest models of gaming mouse

    So i am looking to buy a new mouse, my logitech mx518 [arguably one of the best gaming mouses ever made] is nearly dead. Ive had it for a few years and its served me well but i am still a bit upset about it. I am thinking about the G5 2007 edition or the G9. Both these mouses are apparently...
  18. Serius

    Soulja boy is gay?

    source: Well this is just disgracefull, my sister even listens to his songs.
  19. Serius

    Big Brother Australia AXED

    Ive enjoyed big brother over the years, but the idea has been getting stale, this season was barely worth watching. I like the idea of a new big brother type concept. I hope its really hard and edgy reality tv, big brother originally tried to come off as new and edgy but now they need to up the...
  20. Serius

    list small cars with shit resell so they will be cheap to buy

    So my car got stolen and i have my insurance money back. It was a commodore and it was great in almost every way, only shit thing was its petrol consumption, i was spending like $90 to fill up every 2 weeks and i dont even drive that much or that far. Since ive been borrowing my dads little...