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    Let the two expressions equal each other and solve for T using auxiliary angles.
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    Expense Ratio

    Thank you so much!! Didn't realise I shouldn't add COGS. I also doubt they'll be this complex; this is for an assessment task :)
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    Expense Ratio

    How did you get this?
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    Expense Ratio

    I calculated sales to be 37784 + 108 (other income) and expenses as 36914. Then put them into the ratio. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
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    Mechanics Test

    Mechanics test. Solutions at end. Ignore question 10 and its solution.
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    Expense Ratio

    I've calculated the expense ratio (total expenses/sales) as 97.7%, but that seems really high. Would someone be able to double check that's the right answer? [For June 28 2020]
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    Projectile motion

    Is r defined anywhere?
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    Maths Help

    I'd say the question wants you to use auxiliary angles
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    What's the best nesa approved calculator for 4U?

    Oh yeah, that’s the one that does induction for you?
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    What's the best nesa approved calculator for 4U?

    Obviously the MP120-MGII! (Just make sure you bring a glue stick into your exams.)
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    Band 6 Chem???

    HOW. I just make notes from textbooks in my chem class, and my teacher doesn't really prep us for HSC questions or assessments, so I don't know what to do. Any tips on how to actually do well? (Also, I was thinking of getting one of those Excel books, are they worth it?) Thanks.
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    Business Studies report plz help

    So, I have 2 reports (600 words each, 2 case studies) due in a couple weeks: "examine why ethical behaviour and government regulation are important in marketing" and "explain how globalisation has affected marketing management" (they come straight from the syllabus). Any tips on getting started...
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    past hsc questions by topic

    If it's of any interest, the HSC question compilations come from SmarterMaths If you make an account as a teacher you can get a bunch for free, but for the full system, it's something crazy like $1,400/yr. There's a chance your teacher could have access to it, so you should definitely check with...
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    28/30 Complex Numbers (Fractals) Investigation (NESA)

    1 mark lost for not adequately showing how geometric series in Q.2.c was achieved 1 mark lost for not showing calculation of the modulus in Q.4.b EDIT: Plz don't plagiarise, that'd be so stupid.
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    What's necessary from Advanced?

    I started 4u this term and want to finish the advanced course over the summer holidays. I'm wondering what topics from advanced I 100% need to know for 3&4u as I want to maximise my time. I know it's good to know everything, but what stuff isn't important (unless it's all important)?