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  1. zangetsu.xo

    ratios help PLEASE.

    :wave: fellow business people. so i was writing out all my ratios and stuff [and gosh there are a lot] and i realised i had a few holes in my notes. would someone please let me know where the operating expenses ratio inventory turnover ratio expense ratio working capital ratio and current...
  2. zangetsu.xo


    am considering doing it with a couple of languages if i don't get my asian uai and get into international studies. who does it?? what do you guys think of it?? :ninja:
  3. zangetsu.xo

    hsc speaking exams!!!

    they start tomorrow! with 2u jap omgggggggggg. who else has theirs tomorrow?? :bomb:
  4. zangetsu.xo

    i love this song!!

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  5. zangetsu.xo

    co-ed school formals.

    :wave: for those of us at co-ed schools... are you allowed to bring a partner from outside school? if not, [and you aren't going out with someone from school] will you go with a friend of the opposite sex from school or go with your friends? i'll get the ball rolling. the formal commitee...
  6. zangetsu.xo

    the subject you have the least confidence in.

    modern history. :( you? :karate:
  7. zangetsu.xo

    which uni?

    just wondering what unis you guys are thinking of entering and why. i'll get the ball rolling: unsw coz it already feels like i go there anway. strange i know, but i grew up around that area and went to sport at the uni gym and it's got the course i want anyway. :ninja: [sorry i just like...
  8. zangetsu.xo


    well i'm pretty happy with mine. monday ~ 10.30-5 [damn jap extension] single jap, single modern, double business, double english, triple jap extension. tuesday ~ 8.15-3 [damn english extension] triple jap, single business, double free, triple english extension. wednesday ~ 8.30-11.45 year...
  9. zangetsu.xo

    school bags.

    :wave: gangles. ok so im curious. what kind of school bag do YOU have?
  10. zangetsu.xo

    japanese extension 2007: roll call

    so who else is doing it?? and are you enjoying it already?? hopefully as the year progresses we'll be able to help each other out. go team!
  11. zangetsu.xo

    i dont get it.

    so what do you do in the b. arts degree? if you major in one subject (say japanese), how many other subjects do you need to do? and do they need to be subjects from different faculties? thanks!
  12. zangetsu.xo

    what would you do??

    let me set the scene. you like a guy. he's your friend. you guys are pretty close. you two have been friends for about two years but you have only recently started to like him. but, he has a girl who he says isn't his girlfriend as such but they used to date and they're getting close again...