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    Wth is wrong with my desktop?!

    Well, story is, my friend came over today and used my computer to download some stuff: some songs and microsoft office 2007 off limewire, and some gossip girl episodes off tvfreeload. After she downloaded all this (can't remember what else she dl'd), i shut down my computer, then we went out...
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    re-taking a subject through summer school... among other things

    Hey, if i fail a unit this semester, and redo it through summer school, what does that do to my gpa for this year? I know there was another thread kind of like this, but i don't really get it. Does it mean that they'll take an average mark calculated from my failed mark and new mark, and...
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    does EVERYONE change their timetable?

    I dunno, but i get the idea that everyone changes their timetable. I actually don't think my timetable is that bad. ie. i don't find the thought of going to uni 5 days a week that bad, and my unit time slots aren't too bad either. I did originally want Friday off, so i tried to change my...
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    enrolling in tutorials

    okay, my confusion is: Are we automatically assigned our tutorials and they're already on our timetable? or do we have to enrol ourselves in tutorials? Because, all my cousins and friends went to unis other than usyd, and they had to enrol in their tutorials. Is it the same for Usyd? And, from...
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    How to access WEV?

    I'm currently trying to change some of my units of study online, but i can't access 'FlexSIS WEV'. I've logged into the Myuni site, and it says that if i log into Student Administration, i should be able to vary my enrolment. But, when i do log into Student Administration, all the options i get...
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    Self-catered uni accommodation

    So, i've applied for self-catered on-campus accommodation, thinking to myself "hey, it's cheaper, and i'll save money on food".... i don't know what i was thinking at the time i applied, but it suddenly dawned upon me..... i don't actually know how to cook. Like, i can cook certain dishes for...
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    When exactly does uni start?

    Yeah, i'm applying for accommodation right now at usyd (yeah, i know, it's very late), and it's asking me when i commence my studies.. what month does uni actually start? thanks. =)
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    Medsci to Medicine

    So, now that i've got my uai back, i know i have a zero chance of getting into undergrad med next year, so i was thinking that i would do Medsci at UNSW and then transfer through that scheme that they have to get into Year 4 of med with advanced standing. But, i know that a realllly limited...
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    Ipod won't turn off

    I've got an Ipod Nano, and i've had it for about 2 years. It always worked fine, up till around lunch time today, when i tried to turn it off, but it wouldn't turn off. Every other function works perfectly, except for the fact that i can't turn the damn thing off! I tried leaving the Ipod to let...
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    Medicine drop-out rate

    So, what's the approx medicine drop out rate? I've heard it's pretty high, which scares me somewhat. >_>"
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    This entire year, it's all been take, take, take, take, take on our part. Take from our teachers, take from our parents, take from our school.... So, i think the least we could all do now that we're done, is to give back a little bit. So, any of you guys doing anything for your teachers...
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    Study breaks

    So.... what do you guys do in your study breaks? Coz, i usually play my DS, play with my dogs, read the newspaper.... and i've discovered i spend A LOT of time on the computer (.... *ahem ahem*....) ... actually, i spend about 70% of my study breaks on the comp..... >_>" So... i was...
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    so...... hot....... can't.... study.....

    OMG IT'S SO FREAKIN HOT HERE!!!! are you guys finding it impossible to study because of the heat? I'm literally drowning in a pool of my own perspiration..... >_>" how are you guys coping with the heat? fans full blast? air-con all day (think about the environment people!!!)? Or do you...
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    how long....

    for how long after we get our uai's are we able to change our uni/uac preferences? i know i've read it somewhere, but i can't remember where.... so could someone please re-inform me. :)
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    gesticulating during study

    lol.. yeah... so, this is an lead-on from the last "talking during study" thread.. soo...... anyone make wild hand gestures when they study? anyone? or, am i once again in the minority? >_>" Maybe it's just coz i'm kinesthetic... and i've known for a long time that i always gestures and...
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    Sooo.... when do we get kicked out?

    Well, since the yr 11's are going to be yr 12's in a few weeks, then of course they will require their OWN hsc section. But, at that time, us 07ers will still be doing our hsc.... sooooo....... when do we get kicked out? Or do we get to control the hsc section until we are finished with...
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    talking while studying

    I find that i talk to myself a lot when i study (no, not in the schizophrenic kind of way >_>") Like, i explain stuff to myself aloud, or sometimes i'll comment on what i'm reading.... does anyone else do this? or am i just wierd.... TT_TT" coz, i find myself doing this A LOT.
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    Is it better....

    Is it better to study for 1 hour, and then have a 5 minute break, or study for 2 hours and have a 15 minute break? or, are there different optimum studying plans/times for different types of subjects (eg, science, math, english, language, etc)?
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    clothes to wear during exams

    What clothes do we wear for our hsc exams? do we wear our school uniform? coz, one of my teachers told me that we don't have to wear our uniform to our exams. So, uniform or no-uniform?
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    What Do I Do??????

    HELP!!! I'm a complete computer noob, and our computer has this 'trojan.W32.looksky' virus. I dunno what's going on, but i got redirected to 5 websites for me to download "ultimate cleaner" and "ultimate Defender", but i don't know whether they're from Windows, or whether they're pop-ups caused...