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    UWS Incident and Lazy security

    the security at our uni is god damn gay (campbelltown campus). I mean me and my friends got a warning for kicking a soccer ball about (which goes onto our record). Not only that but they cant prove we did kick the ball around
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    Failing a subject

    wot if u failed 2 subjects, possibly 3 - all core subjects. Wot happens then? Btw the subjects i failed i will not do next semester or next yr.
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    Tafe and Uni

    My friend in 1.5yrs time will own his shop due to his parents retiring and leaving the shop to him. Also optical dispensing is something like selecting the right lense and being able to insert that lense into a frame to match someones eyesight. Well this is from my understanding
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    Tafe and Uni

    Thats pretty much the reason. Im only doing science coz thats the only course i could make it into. Personally, for me this course will get me nowhere compare to the tafe course in terms of wages. Not sure how much a science degree would get me, however a Cert IV in optical dispensing would get...
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    Tafe and Uni

    well ideally id be able to drop uni altogether and go onto tafe. But this idea doesnt sit well with my parents, so tafe and uni is the next best option. Considering class is once a week and i have a friend who will be 1 yr ahead of me when i start the course i reckon id be able to handle the...
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    Tafe and Uni

    Im currently doing B science. I realise this aint gonna get me anywhere in life so im gonna apply for optical dispensing at tafe where if i graduate im pretty much guranteed job with nice pay.
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    Tafe and Uni

    is it me or am i detecting a hint of sarcasm there
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    Tafe and Uni

    Is it possible to attend both of these at the same time? I mean the tafe course i wanna do has class once every week and i plan to do this via distance education anyways.
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    How to get to parramatta campus?

    Hi, next week i have an exam there in BLDG ED ROOM G 92. I was wondering how to get there via public transport and also if this room is hard to find. thx
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    Uni Social life?

    1) Chances of comming out with a healthy liver is slim to none. Infact the chances of waking up in hospital is a lot higher than this. 2) Well kinda depends, at my campus theres only been about 3 known parties. 3) Halo 2 events seem to happen on a weekly basis, but since im not that much...
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    wot if ur sick and u have an exam?

    Oh just to tell you what happened, i did the exam as normal and probaly went shit. As i entered to room i told my lecturer and i gave him a medical certificate the other day. He told me when i gave it to him, if im gonna fail they will look into my note, if i pass the course successfully they'll...
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    i missed an exam

    I have another question, wot if u have a medical certificate but your doctor wont fill out your deferred/special consideration application. Do you fink i would have a successful application or would i just get screwed over? The doc i went to was the first time ive ever seen him and so he wont...
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    i missed an exam

    Well its ok, i threw up today and i just got a certificate from the doc. He said im having withdrawral symtoms from my previous medication. Either that or my current throat infection is infecting my stomach. Well he said one of those two which means im legitimatly sick. Neways thx for your concerns
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    i missed an exam

    Ok heres my dilemma, i missed an exams but the only reason why i didnt turn up is because i slept in.... wot am i supposed to do i mean im not sure if my doctor will just give me a certificate and so i can fill in a misadventure slip. On top of that my exam is worth 70% of my final mark. Wot...
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    wot if ur sick and u have an exam?

    Well currently im sick with tonsilitis, and as a result i have a sore throat, fever and increased phlem. I have an exam tommorrow and i dont feel as if i would be able to perform well under there conditions. Is it possible to be exepmt from an exam due to illness and wot procedure would i have...
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    How do you work out your GPA?

    This may seem silly to some people but how do you work it out? Also wot exactly is a GPA? i have some idea of wot it is but not the whole picture. Any help would be appreciated, thx
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    hey if u fail and elective do u have to redo it? coz i fink i might fail one of my electives. i thought u only had to repeat the subject if it was a core unit
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    Is this true. eng at UWS --> UTS ??

    i thought u needed distinction average to transfer externally that is from one uni to another and a credit average to transfer internally, that is different course same uni. P.S. I go to uws and i reckon that uni life is better than here, but im not too sure about the education =/
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    Defining moments of uni

    Mine would be not turning up a single lecture for a month due to sleeping in or playing pool =] Another thing is that i have learned to love having power naps in class and on the trains. Also i found out that once uve made heaps of friends in your course you no longer need to attend ur...
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    thx alot for the help :)