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  1. babygoose!

    biomed. sci. 1st years who've worked out a decent timetable??

    Hey! i was just wondering if there is anyone out there doin Bachelor of Biomedical science who has worked out a decent timetable. I tried doin it but just got so confused, so if u have worked one out can u pretty please post it up ! thanks so much xxx
  2. babygoose!

    help with a feature article

    Hey...i currently have a related text assignment for powerplay where i have to find an article from the recent media, i got a newspaper article. Part 1 was to discuss powerplay in the article, which i've done. Part 2 is to write a feature article printed around the same time as the article...
  3. babygoose!

    davy or von liebig??

    hey, i'm doing a research assignment on the development of acid-base reactions and i've come across a bit of a confusing thing....half of my textbooks/info says that it was davy that proposed the idea of replaceable hydrogen in acids, whereas the other half say it was von liebig...! who should i...
  4. babygoose!

    polynomial grrr

    hey i really suck at polys...can anyone help me out with this question..? If P(x) = x^4 - 2x^3 - x^2 + 6x - 6 has a zero 1 - i , find the zeros of P(x) over C, and factorise P(x) fully over R.. THanx so much..!
  5. babygoose!

    simple polynomial question

    hey guys! i have my half yearly on monday and i just cant seem to get this question out...its really simple but i'm stuck so any help would be good...thanx a lot! when a certain polynomial P(x) is divided by (x + 1) and (x - 3) the respective remainders are 6 and -2. Find the remainder when...
  6. babygoose!


    Hey guys! I was just wondering what everyone reckons about the pressure placed on hsc students to go well and to get into uni. Do you reckon you're feeling any pressure yet? I've got to do a speech on it for a local comp any help u guys can give me would be great! Thanx heaps!!
  7. babygoose!

    UTS revision course

    is anyone here going to the hsc physics revision course for 2 days somewhere towards the end of januray at UTS?? if u've been it worth going? i'm pretty sure i'm going these holis...
  8. babygoose!

    motivation to work..

    hey guys i have this huge problem with motivation to do english work both at school and at home. If we are doing work in class i rarely do it so i tell myself i will do it at home but then when i get home i never do it cos i'm just not motivated to do it. I have no trouble doin any of my other...
  9. babygoose!

    i cant believe i just...

    ..sat through the whole repeat of sunday nights aussie idol...grr....should have been doin chemistry..but oh well... actually..the repeat made me pick up my mobile and send a message to vote for i'm wasting my money, not just my time...grrrr
  10. babygoose!

    the loved one

    hey did anyone at all study the loved one by evelyn waugh in yr 11 or 12?? cos i did as a part of a close study of texts to do with satire and i have my prelim exam on it on tuesday and i dont know anything....if anyone has any notes or sites etc would you please be kind enough to let me...
  11. babygoose!


    do you guys recommend 4u for yr 12?? i'm averaging 90+ in 3u prelim...i really like maths..but i dont know if i wanna do all the work that comes with what do ya all reckon..??
  12. babygoose!


    this week i got an assignment where i have to find supplementary material to relate to the relationships in macbeth and explain how these are still evident in today's society. i'm really having trouble finding the material. i was thinking of trying to find some issues recently where there have...
  13. babygoose!

    desperate need for physics help !! physics we have just started our 3rd module - moving about - this term which means that we are supposed to get both it and cosmic engine done before the end of week 8, cos we have exams week 9 & 10. plus we are going on our snowy excursion week 4 which means we miss out on another week...