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  1. babygoose!


    first year is pretty uninteresting.. just basic science subjects. You start some optom relevant stuff second semester in vision science and optics, but the real stuff doesn't really happen till 2nd year. make sure you keep up in optics as it is a hard subject to catch up on if you fall behind!
  2. babygoose!

    UAI needed for optometry

    yeah.. i think they say you would need a UAI over 90 to be competitive in the transfer
  3. babygoose!

    UAI needed for optometry

    Hi, I was in the same situation as you. The high UAI (Usually around 99) really makes it difficult to get into Optometry straight away. However, now the School of Optometry has started a lateral transfer entry scheme for people who don't get the grades. You start off in Bachelor of Science...
  4. babygoose!

    People doing Lecture B for PHYS1121

    it doesnt matter if you are enrolled in that lecture or not.. just turn up. I did phys last year and the lecturers dont care what lecture stream you go to, just make sure that u go to the tute that u enrolled in. i think last year they opened up an extra lecture stream which thinned out the...
  5. babygoose!

    Enrolment help

    try picking a different tutorial or lecture time.. if u cant, try calling the school office, i'm sure they will be able to help u.
  6. babygoose!

    phys1131 vs phys1121

    phys1121 and phys1131 are pretty much the same course, we have lectures and i think labs together, however we have different tutes and i think maybe the 1131 kids have a harder question in the exam. i'd say stick to 1121, its hard enough as it is without trying to do the harder 1131 questions.
  7. babygoose!

    unsw email ???

    i think you have to wait till you are given your unipass when you collect your student card from e-spot or where ever...don't fully quote me on this just incase i'm wrong...
  8. babygoose!

    Annoying tv shows?

    i absolutely get annoyed with that stupid late night game show shit hosted by hotdogs..cant believe how long it has lasted
  9. babygoose!


    yep...really low quality show...i actually thought it would be ok by the way prime was thrashing the ads for it..
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    Australian Idol 2005

    i went to the show on monday night..and from that i really hope that kate wins..she is seemed like such a nice and genuine person. emily just sat there..with no emotion or real involvment in anything..
  11. babygoose!

    acommodation interview

    a where near long enough to decide..
  12. babygoose!

    acommodation interview

    I dont really know that much about it either as I havent even gone and seen the college yet. By the way the guy was talking during the interview, its sounds like a much more academic college than the others, making it quieter than the other. But, i have a friend that lives in New and he said...
  13. babygoose!

    acommodation interview

    i had a phone interview for shalom on friday..they pretty much just asked questions relating to stuff written on the application was pretty casual..and they offered me a place straight away which is pretty good! i dunno wat u guys should wear..just something dressy casual i spose..
  14. babygoose!


    yes yes yes yes! lets shoot him where ever...hmm... actually... i'll let u do the dirty work.. i dont wanna get too close to that region of mike baines! and yes his questions are just pathetically long..its so much reading for one little mark..
  15. babygoose!


    i did hubs 1404...the exam was pretty shit i reckon...all the lecturers made their questions harder than in the minitests...except mike who's r just hard all the time lol...
  16. babygoose!

    More accomodation questions

    i only sent them like a week and a half ago..
  17. babygoose!

    More accomodation questions

    i rang them last week to confirm that they had received my application.. that was all i'd done..
  18. babygoose!

    More accomodation questions

    i got a phone call from shalom today...for a phone interview later in the week!
  19. babygoose!


    yeah im probably gunna head up too...i didnt do schoolies at the gold coast last me and a friend are going this year instead .... lol how shame..
  20. babygoose!

    Australian Idol 2005

    i know....i was quite surprised as well..