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    Is there any UTS parties coming up?

    Any off tap UTS parties coming up? What's o'fest like?
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    How do new students get their Student ID card?

    So confused, how do I book a session and pick it up >.<
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    What to bring to Uni

    Just curious as to what you suggest a first year uni student should bring to their tutorials and lectures. Studying business/law if that helps! And how do you organise your notes? Do you use a new book per subject?
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    How do you get into dentistry?

    How do you get into dentistry? Just curious. Is it even an undergraduate course? What uni's offer the degree and what are the requirements to be accepted into the course?
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    Finance Major overview

    Can anyone with experience or any knowledge about a B.Business majoring in finance give an overview. What level of high school maths is sufficient? Is it very maths intensive, i.e mx1+? Also what are the job prospects like on graduation?
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    Does HECS cover textbook costs?

    Does HECS cover text book costs? Or do you need to buy them with your own money? Also is it possible to just borrow the textbooks from the library or will there be a massive shortfall? Cheers
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    New laws to combat alcohol fuelled violence - Will they be effective or not? Have a geeze at this article. Do you reckon the tough new laws announced will have an impact on reducing alcohol fuelled violence?