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    Tutoring Biology for those who want to get a head start over the holidays 11or12

    I am tutoring Biology for any year 11 or 12 student from now on. This is particularly for anyone wishing to get a head start on the course throughout the summer holidays as I am fully available. So if you are finding that you are already having trouble with the course after year 11 (or think...
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    Underline or quotation marks when referencing artworks in essays??

    Hey do u underline or put in inverted commas the titles of artworks in ur essays?
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    Does ne1 else use text books in art?

    Hey just wondering what text books different schools use for art (if any)- I'm looking for additional resources
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    Do u reckon its worth it learning all the poems or episodes of a prescribed text?

    Does ne1 think its worth it preparing all episodes or poems of a prescribed text for the modules paper? I'm doing Harwood and Frontline and its such a bitch to remember points for everything just in case the question asks u to refer to a specific poem/episode. Do u think it's worth it???
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    Gwen Harwood study help!

    Kk so we're doing the Gwen Harwood critical study module at school and r gonna start writing essays and having assessments soon... Does ne1 know how to go about studying for an essay based assessment task? Like should I cover all poems? How many quotes? Should I study readings and then base...
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    Quote from If on a winters night a traveller Help!

    Desperately looking for a quote from If on a Winter's night a traveller- its says something about transfering the readers thoughts straight onto the page or something like that... Ne1 know what chapter its in or page number? I feel like i've searched the whole book a million times (Jks I could...