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    Whats the usual E3 & E4 cut off?

    Just want to see if its worth trying for me, maths isnt my strongest subject, I did meh in trials got only 58% in Independent (They were def harder than CSSA, but not by a huge amount). I have 12 units and am wondering if I should spend a lot of time on it as its only 1 unit. Also once again...
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    When did they last revive the syllabus and is nPr and nCr tested in 2unit?

    Just wondering because of the 2010's papers I cant recall any question using it, but in 2000's they often did. also would it matter if you did a different method than ideal? I just did the standard probability method and got the right answers for 2005 Q5 D).
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    What's the hardest past paper in recent years?

    Just seeing what I should do since its an afternoon exam. will probably do it today tho and then tomorrow do Q.16's.
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    Anyone in the past use a stimulus booklet text as a related?

    And how did it fare for you in the end? Just asking in case and think it would be interesting if it didn't negatively effect anyone's marks.
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    for Those memorising an essay/is this an okay essay plan for this module? (P&P)

    Honestly I'm a bit confused regarding People and Politics and just wondering if I have the right idea on it? It's worked for me so far but I guess it may be nervousness thats now causing doubts. I'm basically wondering what kind of questions can they ask you in the module, what do they expect...
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    ATAR estimate (w trials ranks and overall rank)

    First one is overall, 2nd is trial rank School rank varies from low 300s to even in some cases in the 400s. Wont be one of the best years ever but not the worst either. Maths ext 1: 11/16, 5/16 Maths : 7/33, 9/33 English Adv. : 1-2/50ish ( cant remember i think its 50-60), 1/50 Physics...
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    A couple questions regarding Business/Finance at Macquarie and also CompSci

    Is it better to do bachelor of Applied Finance w/ Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Finance and another major? also, just wondering if these degrees would be hard for me considering I did nothing Business or Finance related in high school. From the requirements its...
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    Is a story involving a Neo-Nazi too mature/extreme?

    I really suck at creative writing as my ideas are often either not applicable or way too big for a short story. However this feels like a great story to me, its about emotional discovery of a neo-nazi in a contemporary european country. However, my question is if that is not possible to do...
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    How to prep for Short answers + 'Extended Response' assessment?

    I have an assessment coming up where I will get an audio file and a lesson prior to take notes on it. I somewhat remember something similar in year 11 that I did pretty good in but IIRC the Notes that I took didnt help me. I am thinking for the notes I should try to write down as many...
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    Atar estimate plez

    School Rank : Low 300s Maths 2u : 8/43 Maths 3u : 11/15 English Advanced : 4/60 (idk exact number because I dont know how many kids dropped havent got report yet but I know my own rank) Chemistry : 3/20 Physics : 7/29 SOR 1 : 3/80
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    What kind of jobs could I look for with a major in Media? (combined with BComm)

    BComm major in finance probably. Any advice on what kind of jobs i can expect to see myself in? ANd I realise you have to work for your job regardless of major.
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    Writing speed for next year(english adv my only writing heavy subject)

    My writing speed has gotten much slower this year, probably due to my laziness and also the fact I wrote all my notes online and did Science and Maths subjects (and sor1 lol), so I pretty much had no other subject in which I was needing to write a lot. I could do probably 2-3 pages more than I...