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  1. *~Dazed~*


    So i have to write a book review for mas214. Thing is it isnt a fiction book so you cant just review the story etc etc. Anyone ever written a review for uni? What do you write? what is expected? I haven't read the entire text either because a) i didnt have time b) its way too tedious and c)...
  2. *~Dazed~*

    final essays

    Hate them. I feel like i should put in lots of effort and that they should be really time consuming yet im planning on a one day job for each of them just like during the semester. bitch bitch moan moan Go away.
  3. *~Dazed~*

    Tute satisfaction

    So who here is satisfied/happy with their tute groups. Both the students and the tutor? Me personally, im shitty with all three subjects! They are crap crap crap. The people hardly speak, you can tell like none of them have an opinion that they will voice hence no interesting arguments and...
  4. *~Dazed~*


    I could be wrong but shouldnt we have recevied our hecs payment letter thing by now? You know where they send you how much you owe by the 30th, or the 25% thing etc but if you defer it all you dont do anything with the letter? Im just paranoid because i havent received one yet or do they come...
  5. *~Dazed~*


    what are corequisites? I am trying to enrol in a unit and apparently i dont meet the required corequisite, but what does this mean because i thought prerequisites are the units you had to have done in order to do another.
  6. *~Dazed~*

    decent small car?

    ok im sorry. I realise there are heaps of car threads but this isnt asking what you want/what you drive (unless small and hence relevant to me)... So what are some good small cars? Im still on my l's but my dad thinks i should start looking around to get a bit of an idea of what i want...
  7. *~Dazed~*

    fucken SES

    f*cken SES whats their f*cken problem. I put in my course transfer application last tuesday and i still havent received my letter. So i called them today to find out whats going on saying how i got told it should take under a week and the lady was like um who told you that? Its 7-10 days, it...
  8. *~Dazed~*

    Organisational methods?

    ok for the question asking about the two ways that that watermelon business i think it was could organise its business when it puts a subsidiary in a developing country... what did you people talk about... because i talked about the things from global under employment relations.... ie...
  9. *~Dazed~*


    how many pages did everyone write altogether? and did anyone get any strings.... i didnt :( i wrote one booklet for each