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    Landing a job at a bank?

    Anyone work at a bank? How the hell do you get a job as even a teller? Its so fkn hard
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    Cooper vs Stuart

    omg I died when I saw the case I thought the first question "In what court was teh case decided" was easy... but I cant even answer that! where can i find help? a summary would be nice what would be even nicer is ways to read cases the language! argh.
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    Help me survive law

    Hey I think im shit at law This post is after spending teh last 2 hours reading a 2 page case and not understanding anything. Not exagerrating. Can I please have some advice on how to read cases effectively? I'm talking about handling the paragraph-long sentences, quadruple negatives...
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    is mooting avail to first years?

    I asked the admin at lvl 10 and they go ask lawsoc, so i go to lawsoc's site and it says 1st yr mooting doestn exist, but according to the mooting thread in this forum, and my law mentors, 1st yr mooting exists. hence... how/where do i sign up? whats involved? how do i get a partner...
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    Tutorial Allocation System (TAS)

    When do we use this thing? During enrolment i havent been warned that i need to enrol in my tutorials separately. But i can start enrolling in tutes now. When are we *suposed* to enrol in our tutes?
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    Do we select the subjects we do?

    From the third last section entitled "What now" of the enrolment process, it leads you to the enrolment basket where you begin to select subjects to do with ur degree... Does this make no sense to anyone else other than me? I thought the point of selecting a degree was that the uni has...
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    Tax File Number for HELP?

    SOmewhere amidst the enrolment procedure i was asked to provide details of my TFN to apply for HELP (kinda like HECS) Where / how do i get a TFN? i never had one before I know somfin like this takes a few days to get so is there another way to apply for HELP? sometime later maybe
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    How do i choose what to combine with if im doing Law?

    So i got into combined law, but the course description is just that. I want to do commerce/law so how do i tell them i want commerce/law?
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    Living at / near uni

    Its called boarding? Im thinking of doing this cos travel to uni will cost me 3+ hours daily for a return trip And the petrol / food costs of not living near uni + time wasted outweighs the costs of moving out Im thinking of going to unsw, any1 know what people like me usually do in these...
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    Books on Human Influence

    Im referring to books that teach you how to be more charismatic, more influential as a leader, how to manage and lead people, etc Any recommendations?
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    Wot part time jobs (if any) do law students take?

    Im wondering what sort of jobs are available to uni law students especially students doing more reputable law courses such as at UNSW or Usyd thanks
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    getting a job

    do you work? if so, tell me: what do you do? part time / full time? how much do you get paid hourly? how much hours / wk? im curious as to what hsc graduates and uni students work as
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    Graduated. I want to teach now.

    After I receive my HSC results and UAI, if they are good, where can I find a job? I'm expecting 96+ for both 4u and 3u maths (I answered everything in both), and 99+ for uai. I'm an outgoing person and I have a passion for teaching (not your typical monotonous nerd that makes nerd sounds...
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    didnt get coop interview for acturarial

    just wanted to let u sadistic bastards know that i failed :( bah i got finance though... pfft who wants that? i dont see anything wrong with my application :( rank 1 for everything basically, and the extra curricular section was beautifully exaggerated :( did anyone get what they wanted?
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    I liked the exam

    cos it was hard and i knew the ppl im up against would have a hard time well... not the super nerds but good enough from today's posts here, seems like most of you found it hard good scaling this year... compensate for a piss easy 4u test your suffering = my pleasure :D
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    easiest in 5 yrs... then 5 more

    only 1999 was easier i estimate need 119 to top this one :p
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    F*ck You All I Didnt See A Question!!!

    I Fort The Question Asked "what Is The Purpose Of The Light Source" Only!!! (what Is The Purpose Of The Light Source And Flame) Omfg Im Gonna Go Kill Myself Cos I Most A Mark!! Fuck!
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    If I die I'm taking you all with me

    eta 48 hours fags... I can't wait. Bring it on!! XD kent.
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    English ruins the HSC experience

    Not that itll definitely be the subject that pulls me down, I'm sure many would agree that English is the most stressful subject for examination. If it weren't for English, heck, I might even enjoy this HSC :D Oh well, lucky its teh first 2 exams, after which, no more hallucination-inducing...