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    How does transferring work

    Hi Guys, I'm in year 12 and not sure how this transferring stuff works. I'd like to do aerospace/aeronautical engineering at USYD or UNSW, however I just think I won't get in. Could anyone give me like a run down on how transferring works as I think the only option is to go to maquarie uni and...
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    Biology checklist or hierarchical mindmap

    Hi guys, does anyone have like a checklist or mindmap for bio study. Because I saw it in an atar notes lecture however, they take a long time to make. Just wondering if anyone has a mindmap or checklist for all dot points.
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    Exam And Study Help

    Hi Guys, I just finished my mid-yearly physics exam and I realised I misread a 3 marker (10%), it was an easy question but just stupid a mistake and I've been filthy about it for the past week whilst feeling like I made other mistakes. This happens with legit all my exams where I just bleed...