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    Strain energy

    Do we need to know strain energy for the exam? It's not listed in the syllabus but it is in copeland's engineering studies book: ^^ nesa's syllabus document
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    How much time should I allocate to each section?

    I'm currently taking 50 minutes to write an answer to an unseen common module essay question. Will this leave me with enough time for the short response questions or do I need to remove some parts of my essay? im thinking of doing the short response questions first and basing it off that but i...
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    Technical documentation

    I have a question regarding technical documentation, if someone could help me that would be great ^^ So with technical documentation, we have intrinsic documentation, such as meaningful identifiers and indenting of code. Are comments within the source code an example of intrinsic documentation...
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    Selecting Honours

    I'm thinking about doing computer science for next year, and maybe honours. Can I select computer science and then after my 3 years, take the honours course, or I have to choose it now?
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    2016 MC Q13

    Uhhhh so here's the question The answer is C but I don't understand - if you use selection with ascending order you either get the lowest number on the left after one pass or the highest number on the right after one pass. So if you did the first way the array would be 043872 and if you did...
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    Chemistry HSC

    On the Chemistry NESA page, I can only find the 2019 HSC, is there a way I can practice past HSC papers or anyone know other resources that are free?