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    Sydney Tech uni

    heya everyone.. was just wondering what the UAI cut off for Architure at Sydney Tech uni was for this year... if u can help would be a great help.. thanx :)
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    who are u going in with ??

    bit last minute.. but just out of curiosity.. who's everyone going in with ?? ive got a pile and im still deciding.. agh!!!! lol.. good luck all fellow arters!!
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    Gluck For English

    yes GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! we will be fine!! :)
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    Student Number and Centre Number

    there sitting on the desk next to another green slip u have to fill out.. done my first one today !! yay one done!! lol
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    Creative ways to destroy the stimulus book

    were doing the usual.. bond fire.. seems old and done.. but its an excuse for a party!!! :haha:
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    over it?

    haha... i go threw moments whe ni think oh who cares over it just got me to the 29th... (only got art after that...) then i have moments when im thinking OMG THIS IS THE REST OF MY LIFE AND IM STUFFING IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah but of a nut case atm... lol.. GOOD LUCK...
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    General Thoughts: Industrial Technology

    Re: 2007 Industrial Technology HSC Exam didnt relise they actually wanted us to draw a nut.. i demensioned it all.. agh!! lol.. and the 7 markers.. well i didnt do great at them.. lol.. umm.. oh yeah should have taken my calculator!!! lol.. anyway not to bad i guess...
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    Multiple Choice - Financial Maths

    oh ok... well im glad im not the only one to get lost by it.. lol.. still not sure if i get it.. lol..
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    Multiple Choice - Financial Maths

    what do u mean by that ?? lol ..
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    Image- In need of supplimentry texts

    hi, i need a second suppliementry text for image, the one my teacher gave us isnt related and im having no luck on my own, so if anyone has any suggestions they would be appriciated.. sorry if there is already a post on this but i couldnt find it sorry please help !
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    Multiple Choice - Financial Maths

    thanx guys... big help :)
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    Multiple Choice - Financial Maths

    ok i know it sounds stupid but icant get this multiple choice.. and i know its only one mark so i shouldnt be fussing but its getting to me.. lol.. so if anyone could help it would be appriciated. sei sei wins a jackpot prize in the lottary. she wishes to invest an amount of the moment in...
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    How many quotes?

    ok the way our teacher went threw it is you need historical perspectives for most sections.. but that you don’t necessarily need to qoute them.. u can say Historian "A" believes ... and just give the idea of what the historian is saying... its a good idea to give a few direct quotes like...
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    school population

    were a senior college so only 11 & 12 guesing id say between 4-5 hundred.. fun.. lol..
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    so...... hot....... can't.... study.....

    is it just me ? or does it seem like its gonne be hot again today!! yuck.. lol..
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    Things that distract you from study

    ok so were all in the same dont feel so bad now.. my neice is my biggest destraction.. lol..
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    formal/graduation- how much are willing to spend?

    my dress is like 330 wearing the same shoes at yr 10.. i sound tight but none saw them.. lol.. about 30 for a bag.. and like 100 for jewlery and then like another150 makeup/nails/ hair.. i hope.. lol..
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    How screwed are you?

    yep im pretty well screwed.....
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    Nazi-25 point program

    lol thanx i assumed as much.. just couldnt think of a way of suming it up.. but there the nazi ideologies.. dah.. lol.. i think all this studying is making me dumb.. lol..
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    Nazi-25 point program

    ok might seem like a stupid question.. but do we need to know the whole 25 point plan for the Nazis? and im assuming we dont.. but how to explain it ?? lol.. i really dont know what im doing with this subject.. :confused: