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  1. Minari243

    Please answer my questionnaire :))

    Hi! As part of my Society and Culture major project, I created a questionnaire to gather data for my research. It would be extremely helpful if you completed this and spread it to your friends and family :))
  2. Minari243

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller related texts

    Hi!! I'm having a bit of trouble picking my related text for the common module: Texts and human experiences. My text is The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Does anyone have any suggestions for which related text I could do? Thanks!
  3. Minari243

    Answer my Mini PIP questionnaire please :)) I'd really appreciate it if you filled out my questionnaire for my mini PIP :)) Thanks in advance
  4. Minari243

    Eng advanced creative writing

    Hello, I have an assignment coming up and I am to create a 1000-1200 word creative story that explores the theme of "encountering otherness". My class has also been studying the novel 'Anil's ghost', and I have to take inspiration from the language choices and conventions used in the novel. I am...
  5. Minari243

    Quotes and notes for Animal Farm

    Hello! I have an essay to do in an exam on Tuesday on Animal Farm. If anyone could send any important quotes or notes on the novel I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  6. Minari243

    Can anyone give me feedback for my practice essay?

    Hello! I have to write an essay in 45 mins on Animal farm on Tuesday. I wrote a practice essay (untimed) and I feel like its too long for me to write in 45 mins. I think I've done multiple things wrong but I'm not quite sure what. My introduction and conclusion are also quite short, but I don't...
  7. Minari243

    20th September Climate change strike

    Just wondering if anyone is planning to go tomorrow to protest about climate change or not go to school.
  8. Minari243

    Penrith Selective Interview help

    Hello!! So today I received a phone call for an interview on Thursday for Penrith High School. If anyone has any experience or advice for these types of interviews pleaselet me know! Is it really early to receive a phone call about interviews on this date? My friend who got in last year was only...
  9. Minari243

    Making up statistics in an exam

    So a while ago my teacher said that we are allowed to make up statistics in exams as long as it sounds believable. Can anyone confirm that this is true??
  10. Minari243

    Girraween HAST Exam

    Hello!! I'm in year 10 I applied for Girraween and I'm doing their HAST test next week. I'm pretty confident about the abstract reasoning section and I think I'll be alright for reading and maths. But there is a 25 mins writing section in the test. This is my first time doing the test so I'm...
  11. Minari243

    Anyone watched chernobyl?

    So does anyone watch HBO's series Chernobyl?
  12. Minari243

    Will I be able to get into these schools?

    Im currently in a partially selective high school (Im in the selective stream) in year 10. But the selective stream is mixed with the mainstream in the senior years, so I would like to move schools. Also if i’m being honest this school is pretty trash, from spending too much budget on gardens to...