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    What happens if 1st internally ranked does poorly in externals?

    The girl coming 1st in physics internally always used to take a day off on the assessment day, and then used to try and cheat and find out what the questions were in the exams. :( She is doing well, but no one is suspecting her. Her raw assessment mark is 92 ~ ish so if she does poorly in hsc...
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    UWS Medicine - employment prospects?

    Do you think that UWS medicine Graduates have lower employment prospects than UNSW/USYD graduates because they are more prestigious? Does UWS offer courses through which you can specialise in a certain medical field? Much thanks
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    How to study from now to hsc help! :)

    How should I be studying from now until hsc to maximise my results? I am aiming for 99.6+ and am relying on my externals to pull up my marks, especially for English :( Is there advice from past students like specifically on how to maximise the efficiency of study from now to the exams? Do you...
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    Fifty Shades of Grey Movie - yay!!

    Finally it has been transformed into a movie. I was really curious to see how it would work out. What do you guys think? Is Christian Grey hot enough?
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    Be honest: Are you addicted to bos?

    Some of you are legit always on *ahem* cub3root. What is this? Do you guys eat food?
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    Realistically can I get 99.6?

    Hi Guys after estimating my own atar, I have come to the conclusion that I am looking at around 97 with English really pulling me down as I performed badly in trials. With 3 months until hsc, do you think it is possible if I pump out past papers everyday and revise my notes + manage time...
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    See you at UMAT!

    What are you people going to wear? I'll spot you ;) I might wear, red, black, pink, purple or blue coloured clothing
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    HELP HELP ! English assessment mark

    OH MY GOD GUYS I got my trials and all marks back and when I added up the weighted stuff = 80% overall for English advanced. I'm so worried right now, I bombed out in trials very badly and I really want a band 6. My work is of very good quality but trials let me down. In hsc exams if I get a...
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    This year's catholic trials

    Has anyone done them? Esp for English?
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    How much % in CSSA trials = B6 MX1 roughly?

    What % should I get in order to see whether I can get a bandd 6. I have no idea of knowing because I go to a low ranked school. These papers will tell me how much I need to improve before hsc yes? Thanks Edit: E4 whateves
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    95% in economics trial?

    Is it VERY hard to get 95% in my economics trial? I want to get this very badly so that I will be ranked first (if the others get less than 90) yaya thanks. We don't use the cssa thing.
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    Chem questions help

    How do you get the circled answers? thanks
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    How to tell younger friends to stop taking my books?

    How to tell younger friends to stop taking my books? They are saying to me "keep all of your hsc and prelim books for me" and "remember to do it". They don't even give me a choice of whtehr I even want to give it to them or not?! They don't have this courtesy. Please can you guys help me out...
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    Is anyone here russian?

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    STATE RAnking questions - internal and external, ranks - help!

    If Person A and Person B get same mark in external exam hsc (a state ranking mark) for some subject and they are both ranked 1st in school but Person A has assessment mark average of 100 and Person B 98, then how is it determined who will be above in the state rank? Or are they the same rank...
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    Specify 3 for Module B speeches - structure?

    How would you structure the essay if you have to write essay on 3 specified speeches: Deane, Keating, Suu Kyi, Pearson etc
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    30 percentile in Medentry, UMAT in a week

    What would 30 percentile in Medentry equate to in the real umat exam? I'm getting around 75 to 80 out of 134 and my percentile is so low :(
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    What uni course to become a specialist?

    Eg dermatologist, ENT specialist : what university course would you have to do? Would it still be medicine? Or something else? Thanks, just curious
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    Why do old men like me, rather than guys my own age? :O

    Hellpppp. I know you think I am a strange person but I don't know who to ask! I can't ask my parents, so I'll ask here. Like MOST(not all o the time), random OLD men I see staring at me, I look at them and they just stare. what the actual heck? Guys my age don't really give a crap. Can anyone...
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    Looking for a tutor to mark responses (Adv English, Eco, Chem)

    Any of those subjects or all of the above would be great! I will require proof of your hsc marks or any relevant info to confirm. Please pm if interested, and what prices you are willing to charge. As well as the area you can tutor in. Thank you