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  1. KitchenSinky

    Who else has finished their exams!?

    TIME TO GET YOUR FUCKING DRINK ON CUNTS. UNLESS YOU'RE ASIAN, IN WHICH CASE TIME TO GET YOUR DIMSIM ON FGTS! In all seriousness though lel, I'm still feeling stressed sporadically despite having absolutely no reason to be nor having any exams left wtf m8.
  2. KitchenSinky

    My girlfriend told me I had a small penis

    I said, bitch if you can't handle this 8 incher then gtfo
  3. KitchenSinky

    Huge knockers?

    I have a major problem at the moment which is deeply impacting my emotions and state of mind making it difficult to study. I keep thinking about huge airbags! Like, not little bee-stings, just huge blinkers. Whenever I have a moment to myself my thoughts and judgement are clouded by dumplings...
  4. KitchenSinky

    HSC/Prelim Summaries?

    So have any of you guys finished your HSC and Prelim summaries? I thought it was a bit weird doing them so early, but I didn't want to get punched out by my asian mother... On a side note my dads taking me to get 99.95 tattooed onto my ass tomorrow.