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    2k14 UMAT results + General Discussions

    last year 39 percentile.. now, 55, 68, 71 and 95 percentile
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    What happens if 1st internally ranked does poorly in externals?

    The girl coming 1st in physics internally always used to take a day off on the assessment day, and then used to try and cheat and find out what the questions were in the exams. :( She is doing well, but no one is suspecting her. Her raw assessment mark is 92 ~ ish so if she does poorly in hsc...
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    UWS Medicine - employment prospects?

    Do you think that UWS medicine Graduates have lower employment prospects than UNSW/USYD graduates because they are more prestigious? Does UWS offer courses through which you can specialise in a certain medical field? Much thanks
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    CSSA Trials: 3U Maths thoughts

    guys stop cheating. we know your trix ;)
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    band 4, 5 and band 6 cut off marks for the hsc subjects

    Band 2 cutoff 20 raw. Band 3 cut off 38 raw, Band 4 cut off 50 raw
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    Trials are now over! Looking forward to formal :$

    sozz bebz, will top 200 do? Aren't you the ruse one here...
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    What's illuminati?

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    How to study from now to hsc help! :)

    4unit Maths, chem, phys, eco, advanced English. Accelerated business last year
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    How to study from now to hsc help! :)

    How should I be studying from now until hsc to maximise my results? I am aiming for 99.6+ and am relying on my externals to pull up my marks, especially for English :( Is there advice from past students like specifically on how to maximise the efficiency of study from now to the exams? Do you...
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    Should I change schools?

    I'm not gonna read that. At least write it in small paragraphs. But yes move schools. Live life with no regrets
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    What's illuminati?

    nah im too sec C for that
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    What's illuminati?

    You guys are seriously brainwashed. The illuminati is real. I have a lot of evidence that it is. Just scroll through the thread, research yourself. Otherwise be lazy and get brainwashed like a shitcnt. I believe in reptile contacts for eyes, like the singers wear to look like animals. But lizard...
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    Trials are now over! Looking forward to formal :$

    hahaha plot twist: I am MrTammoth
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    Someone please help i'm worried.

    Is studying medicine at uws bad?
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    Someone please help i'm worried.

    shit that sucks balls. My school always makes us write our names after the exam cause they don't want us to waste time doing it during ;)
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    Trials are now over! Looking forward to formal :$

    lol of course. The more the merrier