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  1. The Spruce Moose

    What the hell is happening?

    I applied for academic credit because i transfered from JCU to UWS gave them my original transcipts and nobody has gotten back to me im lost and no fuking way do i want to lose a year of uni. :chainsaw:
  2. The Spruce Moose

    oi lads

    can someone tell me what day enrolment is at parra campus for b of business opr management i cant acess that page on the uws website thanx guys
  3. The Spruce Moose

    some help please with statistics

    yo doods if anyone here has done any statistics subject at university would be kind enough to offer some help with this question i ahve done it several times and always get a varied answer : A company claims that the light bulbs it manufacturers have an average life of 400 hrs and a...
  4. The Spruce Moose

    oh ffs

    seriously what the heck is going on another 1300 places have been shed 450 by sydney uni and 450 by uws other uni's follow on 200 or so places ffs it 5 years time the average joe would not be able to afford uni at all mayb even sooner
  5. The Spruce Moose

    what is your worst subject at uni?

    okay all the peeps that are at uni allready what is the most miserable,mundane,boring shitty course that you have done this year? im sure this was asked before i just frinished my business statistics assigbmnet and that subject is the worst thing i studied since chemistry in year 11
  6. The Spruce Moose


    Bachelor of Business Info Systems is this more like an IT based course? is it like 80% it and 20% business ?
  7. The Spruce Moose


    hey anyone know what happens if u fail a subject in my case i think i fuked up on microsoft access, but not a 100% sure yet im allowed to take a resit apparently but im not sure whether the original mark will be shown on my transcipt or affect the GPA
  8. The Spruce Moose

    B Business

    Hey ppl i am just interested in how many ppl put down a B Business any whether it be Hr,managment,marketing etc ans can u plz specify wat un??
  9. The Spruce Moose

    school of materials and engineering

    anybody put down bachelor of engineering(ceramic,material,metallurgical) at UNSW ??
  10. The Spruce Moose

    cost of uni fees

    anybody know approximately the average uni fees per year like the fees you pay if u dont get hecs
  11. The Spruce Moose

    Formal -makes sure

    make sure you dont get screwed like i did i asked my chik to come 2 mths before the formal and she rings me 1 day before the formal and tells me the bitch is grounded and isnt allowed to come and that was after i got a suit booked a limo a hotel for some;) ;) paid for the bitches ticket but i...
  12. The Spruce Moose

    important questions

    what is the raw mark? is there any way of knowing how many ppl scored a uai of 90> how many scored a uai of 80> in last years uai and how many ppl got into uni last year
  13. The Spruce Moose

    Application for a misadventure

    yep our physics class is considering a misadventure complaint against one of the supervisors of the physics exam ok this is the story the class is supervised by two elderly ladys in their late 60's when all of the sudden the lady at the front of the class out of the blue rips first one fart...
  14. The Spruce Moose


    there are some good summaries of the whole course with formulas at very good summaries i think it would be ideal for last minute study
  15. The Spruce Moose

    neeed help with equations

    hey guys i really need help with equations of uniformly accelerated motion stuff like your vertical and horizontal equations the main problem is at times i dunno which to choose and when to find the angle