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    Economics or Business Studies

    HSC was over like 5 months ago mate, no need to be a snake now ;)
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    Economics or Business Studies

    Got a higher atar than you, surely if I had it as #1 instead of #4 preference that spot would've been mine ;)
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    Economics or Business Studies

    Didn't even get a band 6 you retarded cunt
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    Is there any UTS parties coming up?

    Lucky i'm a business student then hey haha, when's this happening?
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    Is there any UTS parties coming up?

    Any off tap UTS parties coming up? What's o'fest like?
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    Economics or Business Studies

    Economics will scale so much better, but it's a difficult subject and requires a lot of time and effort to develop a way of thinking and writing to excel. Business studies is straight regurgitation of content which is piss easy and you can make a lot of shit up. As long as you memorise your...
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    Can you only sign up for these on wednesday?
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    How do new students get their Student ID card?

    So confused, how do I book a session and pick it up >.<
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    Cadetships 2014

    Go to the chartered accountants conference thing it's maybe in june/july.. Very good insights into cadetships and you meet and greet firm representatives and stuff like that really helpful
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    Thinking of dropping SOR2?

    You've got your priorities wrong if you're putting 50% of your time and effort towards one subject especially a piss take subject like SOR It's essential to be consistent across the board
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    Student Card

    When do we pick up the cards?
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    What to bring to Uni

    Just curious as to what you suggest a first year uni student should bring to their tutorials and lectures. Studying business/law if that helps! And how do you organise your notes? Do you use a new book per subject?
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    them Sydney Trains moments

    Was on the train back from Ivy Courtyard party on boxing day at about 11pm, when we met a bloke that was travelling from Grafton to Moorebank station (Which is honestly like 10hr train ride). This bloke pulled out a pipe from his bag and asked us if he smoked pot, we then dubbed him 'pipezy'...
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    Extremely Worried.

    This is what you did in business and legal and you still got dicked cunt
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    How do you get into dentistry?

    How do you get into dentistry? Just curious. Is it even an undergraduate course? What uni's offer the degree and what are the requirements to be accepted into the course?
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    whats the difference

    Refer to this link.. The names are pretty much interchangeable
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    Finance Major overview

    Can anyone with experience or any knowledge about a B.Business majoring in finance give an overview. What level of high school maths is sufficient? Is it very maths intensive, i.e mx1+? Also what are the job prospects like on graduation?
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    Memorising/Copying Other Peoples Essays

    You're in high school to get the best mark possible in order to get into Uni. Who gives a flying fuck, you're not there to derive any enjoyment out of your study. I plagiarised 3 generic essays for my modules in advance english in the HSC external. Prior to that in the half yearlys and trials I...