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    How much weighting is put towards UNSW Application Form?

    Hi, I was just wondering how much weighting is put towards the application form. I submitted it last night but think that it could be better and now I'm worried that I've kooked it and my chances of an interview are less?
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    What do you reckon my chances are?

    Hi, I received my umat scores back today. I received a total of 190 and a percentile of 96. I am in my second year of an engineering degree at unsw and was wondering what you think my chances are of getting an interview at unsw and Newcastle? My atar was 96.0 and my current GPA is around 6 (wam...
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    Chemistry Writing Booklets

    Hi, Did the Section II writing booklets (shipwrecks...) have our student number and centre number on them? Thanks
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    Are There Procedures In Place For A Mislabeled Writing Booklet?

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any procedures in place to remove human error in filling out the front of the writing booklets. I am worried that I have mislabeled or completely forgotten to put my student number on a writing booklet. I do not know which exam, but think it is highly likely...
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    BlueScope Cadetships - Anyone Heard Back?

    Hi, I applied for a cadetship at BlueScope and was told that successful applicants would be notified by the 11th October (Yesterday). I have a few friends who also applied and none of them have heard anything from BlueScope about whether we were successful or not. I was wondering if anyone...